School Lunches

It’s “back to school” time here in Atlanta! Most parents are excited for the kids to go back to school. Not me! I like my children being home during the summer. The school year is SO busy and goes by so fast! And “back to school” means it’s time again for one of my most dreaded mommy chores! PACKING LUNCHES! Augh!

During the school year I pack lunches for my husband and three kids. It might not be SO bad, but each one has to have something different! Maybe that explains why I don’t look forward to it. My husband wants the same thing every day pretty much. But I try to mix it up for the kids so it’s not the same thing every day. And then throw in the SCD lunch and it get overwhelming sometimes. I must say the biggest tip and lifesaver with my SCD lunches is having frozen cooked/grilled meat in the fridge at all times in case I don’t have any leftovers of something easy to grab for a school lunch.

PLEASE share with us your school lunch ideas! I could use some myself!

Here are some ideas of mine:
* grilled chicken legs in the freezer
* cook a ham and cut in thick slices – great for sandwiches and a favorite of Justin’s – ham & cheese kabobs (maybe stick some grapes on there too!)
* crackers/ham/cheese (I still haven’t played around with the crackers and found a good recipe. Do you have one?)
* lettuce wrap – mustard, cheese/grated cheese, ham/meat/bacon, any other veggies (tomatoes, avocado, etc.)
* Paleo wrap sandwich/burrito (spread some peanut butter and put some sliced apples and roll up)
* apples w/ peanut butter & raisins
* sandwiches (peanut butter or ham/turkey & cheese, or egg, etc.) I usually spend a whole day making a triple batch of mini sandwich buns and freeze them. They usually last a few months. Easy to grab and toast for morning sandwiches or lunches!
* salads (My children are at the age they like a good salad! Be creative and make it fun for them! Grated cheese or make fun star shapes of cheese and meat on their salad. Add some nuts or strawberries! We like olives on our salads. Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Yum! And filling!

My SCD Experience

For the moms that have been following my blog for a while know that I started the SCD Diet with my 13 year old son 4 months ago. I tried starting it with him 3 years ago, but didn’t make it through the first two weeks of withdrawals! I started the diet with him this time so he wouldn’t feel alone and I could understand more what he was going through because now that he’s a teenager he’s cheating and wanting to stop. He’s been healthy and felt great the past 3 years onthe diet and he doesn’t remember how bad he felt when he was sick.

I also thought with me doing this blog that it would be good to try the diet and be able to share with the parents here exactly how I feel and what I experience since children, especially younger ones, probably don’t realize it or can’t express exactly how the diet is working. I’m going to explain in detail my experience. For some it may be TMI, but after having a son with intestinal issues all his life, talking about this comes freely. And I want to let you know how I think SCD works.

My SCD Experience:
I have always, as long as I can remember, had trouble with constipation. I was lucky to go twice a week. I had noticed over time that cokes/diet cokes were a big cause of this. I did have a colonoscopy about 9 years ago and everything was perfect. About two years ago I started having really bad issues. I was bleeding when I went to the bathroom most of the time. I started having severe pain majority of the time when I went to the bathroom. At times the pain would be so bad I would gag and feel like I was going to throw up and actually be sweating. (Sorry, TMI!) I started self medicating myself with Milk of Magnesia and stool softeners every night. If I missed one night of medicine I would bleed and have pain. I have not had health insurance in over three years since my husband was laid off, so I wasn’t able to go to the doctor concerned about having a pre-existing condition for one day when I do get insurance again. I finally decided it was cheaper for me to try the SCD Diet with my son than to get insurance. I thought I would try it AND I thought it would be good for my son.

I started the diet with him 4 months ago. It has been good for Justin and he has enjoyed rubbing in my face when other family members are eating things that I am no longer able to eat. The diet has also been great for me! I actually stopped taking my Milk of Magnesia the day I started the SCD. I had a very hard and long first 3-4 weeks. My withdrawal time was longer than I expected and I felt fluish about the whole 3rd week. After I got over the withdrawals I have felt wonderful! I can tell a huge difference eating healthier! I must confess to everyone I am overweight and didn’t eat healthy before. I would grab whatever to eat. I didn’t want to spend the money on myself to eat healthy. I was not willing to spend the extra time cooking or fixing healthy foods for myself. I have not bled or had the pain since on the SCD, AS LONG AS I have stayed on it. Yes, I have cheated some. I ate some birthday cake (Italian Cream Cake) for my birthday. I had a taco salad a few weeks ago. I tried to eat a gluten free pizza. Please note these have not been close together. And except for the birthday cake, they were all due to someone pushing me to give in. Last night my daughter and I were here at home by ourselves and it was her last night before school started. She wanted to order chinese. I ate one spoonful of rice with my meat and I did give in and eat a vegetable eggroll. I also ate about 1/2 cup of ice cream. (It was girl’s night! I had to participate!) The first half of my day today I have been hurting! I had tears when I went to the bathroom. I have also experienced this when I ate the taco salad and the cake before. When I eat the gluten free pizza I crash afterwards. I feel terrible!

I have learned since Justin has been on the diet that wheat and grains are the worst thing to eat for your intestines. The first food I let Justin try after having been on the diet for a year was rice. A couple of days after he ate the rice he had blisters on his bottom so bad that he was home from school for a week because he could not sit down and spent the whole week laying on his stomach on the couch. I do not, or have not been diagnosed with Crohn’s or any disease and I can tell a huge help in how I feel every day! And I find it crazy that with me not actually having a diagnosis that I can tell when I cheat on the diet. I feel bad and I have pain when going to the bathroom. I have not had any bleeding since on the diet.

I hope by sharing my experience with you, that this will help motivate you to help your child stay on the SCD Diet and possibly help you understand what might be going on with your child when they eat something that is not on the diet. For a few days after I cheat I feel the swelling and pain on my insides. I can only imagine how the young children that actually have intestinal problems feel. :(

Thank you for reading and I hope this was too TMI!