When your child refuses to eat SCD – Mom Question???

Mom Nicole would like our advice. Please read her story and question below and leave a comment. I know I have spoken to a few moms who have had trouble getting their children to eat at the beginning. I am hoping you can help Nicole. And even if you do not have experience with this, perhaps you have some ideas or advice. Her child is younger than most of ours that I have talked to. I appreciate any advice you can leave! Thanks!

Mom Nicole wrote:
I am looking for some help. I just put my 20 month old son on SCD and it is not going so well.

We were on GFCf for about a month when his dr recommended we get a little stricter… so here we are.

My son was only eating cheese, waffles, crackers and pasta up until a month ago.. so he is def in shell shock.. and he is refusing to eat any of the legal foods. He just throws it right off his high chair tray!

I slowly started to integrate the foods at first and when that wasn’t working I decided to go cold turkey, but he is refusing all foods! He even lost a pound.

I am just looking for some real moms input. My dr said to keep strong but I am so nervous and hate to hear his belly growling. Did you go through this? Do you know of any moms who have tips or advice?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!


My thoughts:
I spoke with Nicole on the phone the other night. I hope some of my advice has helped. I encouraged her to stick to the diet as well. I told her to try to get creative with the foods and keep trying to get him to eat. I recommended trying smoothies if she could get him to drink them and maybe sneak an avacado in there if she can to add calories. I shared with her how to make homemade fruit strips in the dehydrater and maybe drying some fruits and seeing if would eat them. I also told her to look for a recent new strawberry cupcake recipe that was posted. Maybe he would eat that.
And after thinking some more about it, I know from my children’s friends and keeping children that there are ALOT of picky picky eaters out there! So don’t think that just because your child won’t eat something or eats the same thing all the time that it’s necessarily because of the SCD Diet. That’s the way ALOT of children out there are.
Good luck, Nicole! And please keep in touch and let us know if you need anything else. I am hoping other moms will leave you some helpful advice!

Cooking – Be Creative! Casserole Idea

I have mentioned a few times that I started the SCD Diet with my 13 year old son this past April. There is a local “home cooking” restaurant on a corner near my home that I have to pass any time I go anywhere. Once a week I see “squash casserole” on their menu on the front sign. So needless to say I have been craving squash casserole. A couple of weeks ago one of our mom followers send me a great recipe idea about crushing up pork rinds and putting it around vegetables to fry. So last night I decided to try being creative and make up my own recipe for squash casserole using the pork rinds.

Now please keep in mind I am one of those people that usually goes by the recipe and I do not ever try to substitute or play around with recipes unless I get my mom or someone else’s advice first. But I did think my end result here was good. I will make it again.

I sliced up my yellow squash and put it in the skillet with some butter and a little water and oil, salt and pepper and onion flakes. When it was soft I drained the water and mixed in about a cup to a cup and a half of crush pork rinds. I topped it with cheese and stuck it in the oven on 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.

Now please understand this creativity of mine is not anything you would find in a “cookbook”, but for something different it was good. I am hoping by sharing this with you it might give you some ideas or an example of being creative. One mom shared a creative idea with the pork rinds with me, which gave me an idea. Now I’m passing our creativity to you. Please share with us what comes to your mind!

And on my defense for anyone planning on trying this recipe, it was good enough to me that I am looking forward to having the leftovers at lunch! ;)

Wellbee’s “Christmas In July” Winner Is…

wellbeesCongratulations Mom Jamie! You have won our Wellbee’s “Christmas In July” Giveaway! Please email me your contact information and mailing address to scddiet4kids@gmail.com. If I do not hear from Jamie by Monday night, July 28, I will draw another winner.

I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner. ROTFL! If you follow my blog closely you noticed I posted last night (July 26, Saturday night) that there were two hours left to enter. OMG! The contest was supposed to end Friday night, July 25. I lost a day in there somewhere! But I think most of you understand! Us moms are SO busy and preoccupied that we all loose track of time and wish we had more time in our day! I got up this morning ready to draw the winner and realized what I had done. I was thinking I would have a few comments this morning. LOL!

I will try to do this again sometime. I also just wanted to say, please go back to the original “Christmas In July” post (http://scddiet4kids.wordpress.com/2014/07/08/christmas-in-july-giveaway-enter-today/#comments). Be sure to read all of the comments and see what other moms like to buy from Wellbee’s (formerly Digestive Wellness). I know it’s hard to pay shipping these days, but it’s really hard to find SCD legal foods. If you take into account the price of gas and spending your time going to the store, I believe it’s worth the shipping cost, ESPECIALLY as fast as Wellbee’s gets your items to you. I can order and have it to my door in two days. So go ahead and order those items you are wanting to try! From one mom to the other, I think it’s worth it! Be sure to tell them SCD DIET 4 KIDS sent you! :)

Thank you Wellbee’s for giving us this giveaway! It was fun!

Fried Veggies – Yummy!

Mom Jodie shared:
Katie’s VBS teacher made her veggies (broccoli, cauliflower & zucchini) in a pie tin w/ oil – get oil really got – on the grill. She food processed pork skins and sprinkled those over the veggies and continued to “fry” them, until tender. It was delicious!!!! Katie had to come find me so I could try it! Yummy!
It was almost like a looser deep fried breading.

Thanks, Jodie! I can’t wait to try this! Great idea with the pork skins!!!

Cauliflower Tortillas

I just ran across this video for a recipe and how to for Cauliflower Tortillas. It’s always hard to find a recipe for tortillas that hold together good. They make these look great! Can’t wait to try them!

So many possibilities with tortillas! Quesadillas, burritos, soft tacos, sandwich wraps, etc. Which reminds of me a wrap recipe I ran across the other day! I will go look for it! Enjoy!

Cauliflower Tortillas

Digestive Wellness IS NOW Well Bees!

Digestive Wellness is excited to announce the launch of their new website!

The new site features a fresh look, easy navigation and is more suited for customers needs.

They have changed our name from Digestive Wellness to Wellbee’s. Their new web address is http://www.wellbees.com.

No worries if you’re used to digestivewellness.com, you’ll be automatically directed to their new site.


“Christmas In July” Giveaway!!! Enter today!!!

If you have been following our blog for very long you know how much I love the Digestive Wellness website! My 13 year old son loves their snacks, cookies, etc. They are a great website and I have always had great service, easy ordering, AND very quick shipping! I can place an order and have it at my door step in two days! I love it! I honestly cannot think of anything we have ordered that we didn’t like.

I wanted to show each of you how much I appreciate your support and feedback! I get lots of “Thank You’s”, but you keep me going on the SCD and give me lots of support as well. I thank you all! Please keep it up! And thank you to Digestive Wellness for helping me show you how much I appreciate you!

xmas n july

Thank you so much to Digestive Wellness for their great website, service, and SCD products! Every time I shop online there are new SCD legal products to try!

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I am not eligible to win, but I will get us started with an example!
My son’s favorite Digestive Wellness product, if I had to choose one, is the Mango Fuit Strips. We would like to try their Pizza Crust!

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