SCD Diet 4 Kids Blog – PLEASE READ

Hello, everyone!  If you are visiting our website for the first time, PLEASE stop and read this post!  I want to tell you why I started this blog, how to use this blog if you are starting out, and why I have not posted on here in so long.

IF you were to contact me and you were just starting this diet for your child or yourself, I would tell you to go to our “getting started” section and read EVERYTHING!  I tried putting my experience as a mom with a young child on this diet almost 7 years ago and from talking to other moms (LOTS of other moms) into this blog so it would continue to help others for years!  (when my memory fails me with all of the details you will need)

I no longer post on this blog BECAUSE my son is almost 17 now and is no longer on the diet.  He was diagnosed “officially” with Crohn’s Disease at age 10 and we were offered this diet as a test study.  He was on the diet “strictly” for 3.5 years and has been off since then.  After his dying off stage he was symptom free and drug free and still is to this day.

I started this blog because we were the 2nd patient to be offered the test study diet at The Children’s Hospital in Atlanta with Dr. Stanley Cohen (Dr. Gold is the other doctor here that does the SCD Diet.).  They didn’t know much about the diet and when I do something I do it 100%.  They started giving my number out to everyone and I eventually was on the phone ALOT!  So I started this blog so I could share what everyone was wanting and NEEDING to hear to encourage them and break it down easily in a “mom’s version”.  Please note I have not had any medical schooling, this entire blog is what I learned and my opinion from talking to SO many moms and hearing results.

If you were to call me today and just starting out, I would tell you this, as I have told moms, as well as adults that have contacted me, to get started.  I never have recommended or had anyone start with the different stages in the book.  We didn’t read the book to get started, we jumped right in then I had time to read the book.  I have always told everyone to print off the legal/illegal list and highlight all of the foods that you already eat all of the time.  Week one concentrate on making your diet just those familiar foods.  Yes, you need to get started on the yogurt.  It will be nasty, FYI, as first, but you will learn to fix it to your liking.  (my son ALWAYS had it in an orange juice, frozen banana smoothie)  The next week look through the list and choose some other foods you don’t normally eat and start adding them.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND keeping  STRICT food diary!!!!!   Everything you put in your mouth, meds, and going to the bathroom, and how you feel!  I eventually learned with my son that after he ate something that irritated him he wouldn’t feel it for 3-4 days after he ate it.  From doing this we learned he couldn’t eat fresh pineapple, but the dehydrated pineapple didn’t bother him.  One mom eventually figured out from the diary her daughter could not have bananas.  Be patient!  And you will eventually figure it out!  ANOTHER HUGE TIP:  Cook in BULK!  Eating out does not make it easy on this diet! Having handy foods quick is what is going to make this a success!  When you are grilling chicken or burgers – have a bulk package of meat ready to throw on there when you are finished with dinner and cook it and put it in the freezer to pull out quickly!  Cook bread once a month and make 3 batches and freeze.  AND I PROMISE – making the yogurt sounds AWFUL at first but one day it will be just like boiling water and will come easy!

I HIGHLY recommend going through the blog and especially reading all of the “getting started” posts!  I have tried to share lots of great recipes I found over the years!  Good luck!  And remember you aren’t in this alone!  There have been moms before you fight the struggle to get started and YES it is hard!  But seeing your child heal and knowing you put forth the HARD effort… priceless!  It’s not cheap!  But neither is meds!  And need I remind you my son has been symptom free and drug free for even years after being off the diet.  The SCD Diet is an option you CAN do to help your child/yourself with their disease.  “Option” – you have to make the decision to do it and DON’T CHEAT!



Debra’s Daughter’s SCD Testimony

What a difference a year makes! In January 2015, after months of suffering from extreme abdominal pain and losing nearly 25% of her body weight, my sweet ten year old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. To say we were shocked and devastated is an understatement, but we were thankful to finally know what was causing her pain. After meeting with her doctor and discussing the three treatment paths available to her, we opted for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and agreed to participate in a 12-week clinical trial through Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. My daughter was the one who made the decision, and she has been 100% committed and involved from the onset.

On February 1, 2016, we celebrated one year on SCD! And what a miraculous year it has been. We were a bit overwhelmed when we first got started, but took your advice and just began, not worrying about whether or not we had every single item necessary (e.g., the yogurt maker, all the legal ingredients for everything). My daughter has thrived in the past year. She has gained back all of the weight she had lost and more and has grown 3”! Gone are the signs of malnutrition and she is back to being her fun loving self, is always on the go with friends and activities, and most importantly is free of all signs and symptoms of Crohn’s. It has been miraculous as she has achieved this through the diet and was never on any medicines to treat her disease (except for Nexium for a short while at the beginning). Her blood work was fully normal within 3 months of starting the diet and has remained that way throughout.

Our entire family eats SCD and we have created lots of delicious recipes – many replacing our former family recipes as we prefer this version better. While I admit I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it has been worth it to see my sweet daughter happy and healthy again. One of the things that I think has made it more manageable for us is that my husband went on the diet fully as well, to fully support his little girl (and experience the same feelings that she was going through). Together they have a lot of fun cooking and creating new things. My daughter loves to cook and has really enjoyed making some new recipes and mastering them. I think being able to make her own food, her way, has given her a sense of freedom and control in managing her Crohn’s.

We are so thankful to have found SCD and thankful for the support and encouragement this website gave us during the early stages. For anyone considering SCD, all we can say is that it is worth it! And just like with anything new, it gets easier as you get more experience in what foods are safe and how to work with them. I will have to send some of our favorite recipes to post for others….you can definitely eat well, enjoy delicious food, and be on SCD. Thank you for setting up this website and for being available to us throughout to talk through things. Your support made a huge difference!

Mom Debra

We cannot thank you enough Debra for keeping us updated and sharing your daughters success with the SCD diet! We all know what hard work this is for you as a mom. Keep up the hard work! Sounds like you are doing an awesome job!

Don’t miss our own SCD Mom – Chef Wendy on October 10!

Our own SCD mom Chef Wendy will be at the ATLANTA PARENT MAGAZINE FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL!! Saturday, October 10th – Mercer University Atlanta Campus.  Chef Wendy will be a guest of their PREMIER non-profit organization “Page Turners Make Great Learners”.  She is scheduled to speak and read at 11:00am.  Please come out and enjoy the fun and activities!!  You can find details in any Atlanta Parent Magazine in your local grocery stores or go to Atlanta Parent or Page Turners Make Great Learners or Sparkles Cookies and Desserts

SCD Meals Prepared Fresh – Lifesaver for Moms!!!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long! Work has kept me BUSY!!! And as I am sure all of you moms are out there, BUSY, I have a GREAT tip to share!

We first learned about the SCD Diet from our GI doctor, who I believe was encouraged to try a study on the diet after her son had success on the diet. Kathy was ALOT of help to me when we first started the diet! I could never thank her enough!

Kathy now cooks SCD/Paleo meals fresh weekly. She has once again been a lifesaver to us!!! She texts me the menu for the next week and we let her know what or how many we want and we pick them up fresh at the beginning of the week. They are also GREAT to freeze! I use the meals for school lunches because they look SO much like normal foods for his social eating. They are great for my son to pull one and yes, sometimes, two out to eat when he is hungry. We keep up with his favorites and order double of his favorites when they are offered. I could NEVER cook this variety of foods for him with our busy schedule and cooking for others in our family at the same time!

Kathy offers a variety of great meals from jambalaya, spaghetti, enchiladas, chicken stir fry, and meatloaf with smashed cauliflower just to name a few. You can contact Kathy if you are interested at 404-694-9247! My son loves them all, but really likes the enchiladas!


cameronThis is Cameron at Camp Oasis, a summer camp specifically for children with Crohn’s and colitis. Because of the support and research of the CCFA, Cameron was able to attend this life-changing camp. My youngest son Cameron was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2011 and he’s now well enough to be a Teen Team Challenge Honored Hero and participate in a half marathon with Team Challenge on July 11th in Portland, Maine. I can’t even begin to express how absolutely devastating it was as a parent to spend so many nights in the hospital, watch him undergo painful procedures, endure sickening side-effects from drugs and worst of all watch him go from a strong athletic happy-go-lucky kid to one sidelined with weakness and pain. However, with your generous donation, you can help make attending Camp Oasis a possibility for other children suffering with the same IBD. PLEASE help us by visiting…… and donating generously to the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America. Please make your donation by May 17th, my personal fundraising deadline. Thank you and God Bless!!

Kid’s SCD Blog – Ideas Moms?

Hope everyone has had a great Spring Break!  I am going to start working on the Kid’s blog!  Excited!  

I was hoping you moms could give me some ideas for it. I’m not perfect and knowledgeable on the whole blog thing but hopefully I can get it set up in the next couple of weeks. 

Any ideas would be helpful. Please don’t be upset if I don’t get your idea on the blog. Lol. I might not know how to do it. I was HOPING to see if I can figure out how to fix the blog to where all of the kids can post on the blog. For example, my blog now only I can post. If someone else wants to share something they have to email me and I copy it and post it. I think this would help the children all feel like it is their blog also and they will share more. I do plan on watching the blog closely and would appreciate help from other moms as well. I will make a note on the blog that an adult will be monitoring it. But, I think it would be a very good idea NOT to tel your children you look at it , as I think they would be cautious and reserved at being open and making friends here. 

What are your thoughts and ideas? 🙂

Question for Moms of Teens

I had an idea pop up today. Just curious what other moms of teenagers thought. My son always seems like none of his friends understand his diet and right now after having to start the diet again he seems very down and making comments that he doesn’t have any friends. I have heard some moms out there say some of the same things about their teens. I was curious if I started a blog for Justin to post and share his thoughts and favorite foods/recipes if you think your children would like it and participate? It would give them a place to go like we do to not feel like we are alone. I will set him up an email address where they can share things and we can post their comments. I was just wondering if any of you moms thought this would be good for your children. We are always saying how great it is here to hear that we are not alone, and that we wish we could get our kids together. I was hoping this might be something great for our children! I can only imagine how they feel if us moms are feeling alone!
Comments please! Thanks!