SNACKS…  It seems like our children are eating CONSTANTLY while on this diet.  It can be hard to come up with different ideas for them to snack on that satisfy them when they were used to such good treats before.  A few of our mom’s were really wanting some great new ideas.  So here are just a few ideas of mine.  Mom’s, PLEASE comment with your ideas and what great snack ideas you have come up with for your children!

*  Lara bars – – You can find these as most grocery stores and Walmart.  I have found them in bulk for a great price at Sam’s.  I have also found them in snack sizes.

* – This is the new website I commented on yesterday that I found.  I ordered alot of new snacks for Justin to try from here.  I will let you know how he likes them.  Everything from Just Fruit Bars, Honey hard candies, fruit leathers, scd granola, dried fruit, apples chips, blueberry syrup, jams, crackers and cookies.  I’m excited about this website.  I thought the prices were reasonable.  Let us know what you think and what you find that your child likes!

* Dried fruits – If you go to the digestivewellness website mentioned above and go to snack bags, there are numerous bags of freeze dried fruits.  They have some of these at our local grocery stores.  The Funky Monkey is at Target, the Sensible Foods at select Publix, and the Crisps are found in individual packets or bulk at Walmart.  You can also dry your own fruit at home.   When I first got my dehydrator I bought one fruit of all the fruits I could find and tried drying each of them so Justin could try which ones he liked best.  His favorite is dried fresh pineapple.  I have found it cheaper to buy the pineapple already cut up at Sam’s.  I cut them length wise in different thickness.  I take them off the dehydrator when they are crispy on the edges and not crispy in the middle.  They are kind of like taffy candy.  He LOVES them.  I buy bananas at Sam’s and dry them until they are crispy and these are like chips.  The first time I did a big zip lock back of the banana chips they disappeared and I found my teenager had gotten them and finished them.  I also cut up apples and dip in lemon juice and cinnamon and dehydrate.

* Beef Jerky – While we are talking about the dehydrator, let’s mention beef jerky.  One butcher told me london broil is best and one told me eye round roast.  The butcher at Publix will slice it for you if you tell him what you want it for.  I sprinkle it with salt and fresh ground pepper.  The last time I lightly sprinkled it with cheyenne pepper and Justin really liked it.  Experiment with your spices and what flavors you child likes best. 

* Apples w/ Peanut Butter

* Pork Skins – I’ve heard alot of the kids are like Justin with the pork skins.  They are great at the beginning of the diet for something like potato chips, but they get burned out on them.  Let them enjoy them!

* Cookies – Monster Cookies seem to be a favorite.  The recipe is in the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book.  There are lots of cookie recipes out there.  Email me some of your favorites and I will share them with everyone! 

* Smoothies – You can make these out of yogurt or we get a smoothie from Smoothie King that Justin loves made of orange juice, ice, banana, and honey. 

* “Muffins aren’t just for breakfast anymore!” –  I’ve been making various muffin recipes lately and Justin will eat at least 5 a day.   He loves them for breakfast and snack.  I will share those recipes in a later post.

* Banana Foster – This is what I call a night time snack I made up for Justin and he LOVES it.  Melt a couple of tablespoons of butter in a skillet.  When melted drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon.  Slice a banana and spread out in butter mixture.  I just cook the banana about one minute on both sides.  Then pour the bananas and butter sauce in a bowl.  He has also eaten it with yogurt before.  The more butter the better!  We have sometimes done two bananas he likes it so much.

* Grapes/Raisins

* Sugar Free Applesauce

* Coconut Macaroons – Whole Foods has a container of these that are legal (in a yellow round jar).

* SNACKS WHILE YOU ARE OUT:  Need snack ideas while you out shopping or running errands and need an idea.  Here are a few of mine.  Chime in mom’s and tell me what you’ve found out there.

     * Chick-fil-a – fruit cup

     * Subway – new snack bags of apple chips

     * Grocery store/Walmart – Lara bar

     * Publix – fresh fruit bowl

     * Smoothie King – smoothie (most Smoothie Kings I have been to will show me the containers and ingredients so I know what is going into the smoothie.  We get a smoothie made only of orange juice, ice, banana, and honey.)




  1. Paige, thank you so much for the snack ideas. I am always struggling for new stuff. I actually have taken many of your ideas and use them. Don’t forget that ice cream recipe you gave me. I am still looking to get the dehydrator because I think Austin would love the beef jerky. I also found these apple sauce packets at several stores that only contain apples and cinnamon, no spoon needed. Since they travel well, we keep several of those on hand. More to come. Thanks so much for your post, you are more help than you will ever know.

    • Thanks, Angie! I was planning on doing a blog alone with the ice cream recipe. Can you send me a pic by email or text of the apple sauce packets so I can post it! Haven’t seen those! Thanks commenting!

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