www.digestivewellness.com – Order Has Arrived

It was just day before yesterday that I discovered the Digestive Wellness website.  My order has come in and I have a little feedback for you incase you were looking to place an order soon.  Here is what I ordered and my first opinion.

*  32 oz. Vanilla – large amount for the money.  Only $12.99.  Looks to be good.

*  Pure Honey Candy – hard candies to suck on.  I ordered the lemon flavored.  Justin LOVES them!!!  MUST HAVE!  I’m trying one.  It’s good to me, just different because I’m not used to the honey flavor.  Justin might eat the whole bag tonight!  I would order more than on bag for the first time!

* Fruit Leather – we haven’t open that and tried it but they look good.

*  Just Fruit Bars – VERY SMALL!  For $1.35 each, I was very disappointed!  About 1/4 the size of a Lara Bar!  But Justin did like it alot!

*  Apple Chips – Justin said the Subway variety was ALOT better!  These are like freeze dried, kind of foamy.  We taste tested the plain.  We haven’t tried the cinnamon yet.  I would think the cinnamon ones are better with the flavor probably.  Got the large party bag as well as the small.  The party bag wasn’t too much bigger.

*  Blueberry Syrup – disappointed in the size.  Didn’t realize it was 8 oz. for $5.95.  Haven’t tried it yet.

*  Baked Goods Sample Pack – tiny cookies and baked goods.  One I tried wasn’t too good.

*  Almondine Crackers – Justin likes them, but they came mostly broken in pieces.  I wasn’t too impressed with the flavor.  At first I would have said I wouldn’t have ordered them again, but…we ordered pizza tonight and I didn’t have time to make a dough for Justin and make him pizza.  So, I threw the marinara sauce I also bought on top of the crackers and then some grated cheddar and swiss cheeses and it was a big HIT!  He ate about 8 of them.  If I’m ordering again I might would order some more of these for some mini pizzas!

* Marinara Sauce – just put a small amount on the crackers to make a pizza and Justin seemed to like it.  Kathy said she has tried this before and her son didn’t like it.  So I guess it’s a preference thing.

*  Jam Sampler – the one we did taste was DELICIOUS!  Justin lit up and wanted more!

Hope this helps with your ordering!  Let us know what you get and how it is!!!


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