Please note –

Hello everyone!  Hope you have all had a good week.  And I’m sure we are all looking forward to this nice cool weekend ahead!

I posted a new website I found last week, digestivewellness. com (listed in my links to the top right of your screen), and told you how some of the things were that we ordered.  I wanted all of you to know if you are planning to order anything any time soon that they have some upcoming holiday closings.  They will be closed September 28-30 and October 7, 12-21.  So you need to call if you want to get an order in!  They ship very quickly and you will get your order in about 2-3 days after your order. 

I have already reordered the crackers, jam, fruit leather, honey candies, and Just Fruit bars!  Justin LOVED all of that!  (Please note – the Just Fruit bars I mentioned in my earlier blog that they were small, they come in a bigger size, about the size of a Laura Bar.  They are pricey, but Justin likes them ALOT better!)

Hope to hear from you all SOON!  Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Please note –

  1. Hey All,
    I just place an order based on Paige’s recommendations, or should I say, Justin’s since it is his opinion my son is interested in. I am excited and can’t wait to have something different to offer Austin. I’ll keep you posted on what he thinks.

  2. Hi! I have ordered from this website…the order came really quick!
    Austin loved the cherry jam with his peanut butter sandwhich! He loves the honey candy! He also loves Mrs. Paige’s idea for the mini pizzas… he liked it so much…he has actually had this snack, twice now!!
    Thank you Paige!!!!

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