Apple/Peeler/Corer – A Must Have!!! Timesaver!

We are all trying to dry fruits for our children.  At my house we dry apples, bananas, and pineapple most often.  I can’t tell you how many apples I have cored, peeled and sliced!  Not to mention the lemons I have squeezed to dip the apples in.  AUGH! 

A neighbor recently mentioned to me that he bought an apple/peeler/corer at Bed Bath & Beyond.  He does alot of jams and jellies to sell.  So when I got this weeks ad in the mail for Bed Bath & Beyond I just  happened to see a picture of the apple/peeler/corer in the ad and saw that it was $20.  It was alot cheaper than I would have thought.  AND there was a coupon on the back page of the ad for $5 off my purchase! 

I got my apple/peeler/corer this weekend for only $15!  It didn’t take me 10 minutes to cut up enough pears(which I got off a neighbors tree for free) to fill my dehydrator.  It was AWESOME!  And worth every penny! 

Go here to view the apple/peeler/corer and see a video.  It’s a great timesaver!  And all of us Mom’s need that!

If you can’t find an ad to clip the coupon, try googling coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond!  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Apple/Peeler/Corer – A Must Have!!! Timesaver!

  1. WOW!!! Now that’s something I could REALLY use! I’m still really “shell-shocked” from nearly cutting my fingertip off last week trying to slice apples with a TOO SHARP knife and I haven’t cut any since then!! ARGH!! I have to dehydrate some more though, because Cameron really likes them and all his fruit still have to be cooked or dehydrated. I’m going to try and find one of these this week. Thanks again, Paige!!

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