Orange Juice – What do you think?

I found this article and was interested in reading about “natural flavors”.   Two items I have been giving Justin have “natural flavors” in them.  I was not aware that “natural flavors” were illegal until telling Lucy, from Lucy’s Kitchen, about the Fruit 66 drinks he likes.  I also noticed that some fruit leather strips he is eating have “natural flavors” in them.  Lucy said since he had been eating them for a while and he has been symptom free for four plus months and they weren’t bothering him it should be okay to continue eating them, but to watch his intake.  I watch labels more closely for this now that I know.  I happened to find the following article about “natural flavors…

Both natural and artificial flavors are actually made in laboratories. But natural flavorings are isolated from a natural source, whereas artificial flavorings are not. However, natural flavors are not necessarily healthier than artificial. According to Scientific American, the natural flavor of coconut is not from an actual coconut, as one might expect, but from the bark of a tree in Malaysia. The process of extracting the bark kills the tree and drives up the price of the product when an artificial flavoring could be made more cheaply and more safely in a laboratory. That natural strawberry flavor you love? It could be made from a “natural” bacterial protein. Mmmm!

While reading this article it mentioned a few  other topics that are important to our everyday efforts to the SCD Diet.  I think you will find this interesting:

In the above article it mentions orange juice.  I was curious about our Tropicana Orange Juice after this article.  Please let me know what you think…


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