How do you “Blanch” Almond Flour?

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Please note:  If you purchase almond flour it is already blanched.   It is part of the process of making it.

Notes from websites searched:

Almond flour is made from 100% pure blanched almonds with no additional ingredients added, this flour is higher in protein and lower in carbs than grain-based flours and lends an exceptional texture to baked goods.

In order to make almond flour, blanching is necessary. Typically, this is accomplished simply by boiling a pot of water, throwing the nuts into the water for about 10 seconds and them straining them. The rest of the time is spent popping the almonds out of their skins.

To see “How To Blanch Almond Flour”, visit


One thought on “How do you “Blanch” Almond Flour?

  1. The already blanched almond flour is kind of expensive at my Publix ($11) but I also found whole blanched almonds for $4.99 at Publix in the produce section with all the other nuts, then you just make your flour as you normally would without having to peel them – which is not at all as easy as they say.

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