Getting To Know Each Other…..Barb & Tim


Hello, my name is Barb, and my son is Tim.  We just moved to Atlanta from Indianapolis 3 1/2 months ago.  My son, Tim, was diagnosed with crohn’s disease in June of 2010.  He was on several medications at the beginning and over the course of the year didn’t seem to be making any improvements.  When we found out we were moving we knew it was also time for a second opinion about his disease.  That is when we were given Dr. Cohen’s name and we immediately saw him the week we moved here.  He changed his medication right away.  We then did another colonoscopy and it showed the disease had gotten worse which we had already imagined.  We just started the SCD Diet in July.  We saw huge improvements right away and were very pleased.  We are now having quite a setback right at the seven week mark that I am worried about.  The book says a setback in common- so I am hopeful that we can get through it and move forward.  There are days I want to quit, but we keep plugging forward and are hoping for the best.   My biggest challenge on the diet is Tim has SEVERE food allergies.  He is allergic to all nuts, egg, soy. sesame.  This makes it a huge challenge to bake for him and give him any kind of baked good.  He has been a trooper through this whole process.  I try to keep a variety of foods going so that he doesn’t get bored with the same ol’ thing…..

I am extremely thankful for Cathy and Paige.  They have been my SCD angels and quite a support to me.  I just moved to town and feel like I have known them for years.  They were put in my life for a reason- and I thank them for their patience and guidance.  I am hopeful my son will be symptom free like their boys.  I try to remind myself that everyone is different- but I also tell myself daily, “if their kids can be symptom free, then mine should be able to too”. I also tell myself daily that I wish this crohn’s disease was my disease and not my darling 8 year old boys.  He is far too young to have such a burden in his daily life.  Tim has taught me to be strong and practice will power.  He is quite an inspiration.  I think about him all day at school and hope that he is having a good day.  I am more concerned about the number of bathroom visits and what it looked like versus the grade he is going to get in Math… has become an obsession for me and my husband.  
I wish we could all look into our crystal ball to see the future….but because that is impossible- I will try to remain positive and really enjoy the good days!   Thank you Paige for all of your hard work on this blog and everything else you have done for me.  We will meet someday!   Nurse Angela, thank you too for your knowledge and dedication.  
Barb, Tim, Katie and sweet Timmy 

2 thoughts on “Getting To Know Each Other…..Barb & Tim

  1. Keep up the great work!! You guys are amazing! I love the picture of all of you by the way 🙂 Stay strong – you will get there!!

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