Grocery Shopping/Pictures of Legal Groceries

PLEASE NOTE: I took pictures of items I have found and that I use that are legal at my local Publix and grocery stores.  It is a corporate law that I cannot post the pictures on a website.  So if you are interested in getting this list of pictures and advice, email me at and I will forward it to you.  I think this will be very helpful, especially for those just starting out on the diet.  It will save you time going through the grocery stores reading all the labels like most of us did at the beginning.

I do most of my grocery shopping at Publix.  There are a few things that I cannot get there and I might have to look somewhere else.  I shop at three different Publix, it just depends on where I am at the time.  And I have found that they all carry different items.  Publix will also, usually, order something if you ask Customer Service.  Some Publix you might have to follow up with, as I have found them to be slow or never get back with you.  And if the item is something you will continue buying sometimes they will make sure they keep it in stock.  You will have to check with your local Publix.  I recently stopped into a new Kroger and found some great things in their health food section.  So you need to get familiar with your local grocery stores and maybe keep some notes on where certain items you want to continue buying are to help you remember.  I keep these notes in my phone.


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