-Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice in refrigerated cardboard container, bottles or jugs or refrigerated six pack “minis.”  Recently, Tropicana changed their packaging; both the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice with calcium and the Tropicana Pure premium Orange Juice without calcium look almost identical. You need to inspect to insure that you are buying juice without any added calcium, because the one with calcium is illegal.

-Dole canned pineapple juice

-Heinz and Campbell’s canned Tomato juice

-ONLY the Knudsen’s *Just Juice* line (not the rest of their products):

  Just Black Cherry
  Just Blueberry
  Just Cranberry
  Just Pomegranate
  Organic Just Concord Grape
  Organic Just Tart Cherry

(I haven’t heard of many children liking this brand.  It is very strong and tart, not to mention pricey.)

-Kedeem Organic grape juice

-Welch’s 100% Grape juice (Red, Purple and white) in glass bottles or plastic jugs* – these must be watered down ½ and ½.

-Freshly pressed, pasteurized refrigerated non sparkling Apple Cider with no added sweetener. Apple Juice is NOT legal.

-Izzi’s – These are a carbonated bottle drink.  All flavors are NOT legal.  I believe the lemon ones are legal.   Check the ingredients.

-Tea – Brewed tea is legal.  Instant tea is NOT.  Can sweeten with honey. Ordinary black tea is legal but should be made weak. Instant tea,Ojibwa tea (Essiac), many herbal teas, teas made from bark etc are full of polysaccharides and are illegal. Peppermint and spearmint herb teas are legal, and you can make a tea from ginger which is also legal.  Decaffeinated products are not legal since the manufacturing process may introduce questionable ingredients or reactions.

-Homemade lemonade – http://scdrecipe.com/recipes-drink/lemonade-or-limeade/

-Club soda – legal and can be added to juices for added flavor.
A while ago, a list member called both Welch’s and Tropicana about their calcium fortified juices. BOTH companies use a calcium supplement that has starch in them. This makes their calcium fortified juices illegal.


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