Fresh/Frozen Vegetables

Canned vegetables are not permitted; they must either be fresh or frozen.  (For children with chronic diarrhea, Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen recommended started out serving only cooked vegetables/fruits.) 

To help add calories, feel free to add plenty of butter (no margarine) on this diet!  You can also fry them in olive oil for something different and for calories.* 

Read through the Legal/Illegal List and try some new vegetables that are legal.  I googled spaghetti squash and butternut squash to see how to prepare them when I cooked them for the first time.  (One mom said she even found butternut squash in the frozen vegetable section in her grocery store.)

Be sure to check the labels!  Someone told me the bagged lettuce was not legal it had preservatives, but the bags I use say they only contain lettuce and it says no preservatives or additives.  I have not found any legal salad dressings on the shelves, neither have the other moms I have asked.  There are recipes out there and Justin loves just lemon juice and honey on his salads.

*Please note: vegetable oils that I have found, contain soy and soybean oil which is illegal!  Most canola oils do also except for a few, but canola oil is legal but not recommended.  Use olive oil when frying and cooking!!!


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