Fresh/Frozen/Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is legal, but it is recommended that the fruit be ripe.  Bananas should have lots of black spots.  Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen highly recommends for those with chronic diarrhea to eat only cooked fruits at first, no fresh or dried fruits.

Almost all “dried” fruits in the stores have sugar added, look for “freeze dried” fruit, no sugar  is added to those.  I recently found the dried fruits shown to the right that are legal in apple and apricots.  Sunmaid raisins are also legal.  (When you are reading some of these labels it may say an ingredient is “sulphates” , this means it has been exposed to sulphur to keep the color from darkening.  This is legal.)

You can find “freeze dried” fruits at some Publix (Sensible Fruit, found in fruit produce section), Walmart (Fruit Crisps, found in individual packages and multi-pack box), Target (Funky Monkey). 

You can have fruit in a container/can if it is stored in it’s own juice or in water.  After reading the labels I have found “Dole” brand to have the most SCD legal canned/packaged fruit (the competitors “in their own juice” variety had illegal ingredients).  

Unsweetened applesause is also legal.  Read the labels carefully because not all brands are legal!

It is worth buying a dehydrator to dry your own fruit!  I highly recommend getting a food dehydrator immediately!  I ran all over looking for one and I could have bought one online and had it shipped to my house faster than I found one.  I finally found one at ACE Hardware.  I have also seen them at the Bass Pro Shop.  You can also purchase a tray to go in the dehydrator and make fruit leather, which is like fruit rollups.  Dehydrators are also great for making SCD legal beef jerky!

With the dehydrator you can dry all kinds of fruits!  Justin ate the dried fruit like candy!  His older brother and I have even started eating it!  The dried bananas are great!  Justin’s favorite is dried fresh pineapple!  You have to play with the dehydrator to dry the fruit out to where you like it best for your taste.  For example, Justin loves the pineapple not too crispy because it makes it chewy.  Be sure if you are dehydrating apples and pears that you dip them in fresh squeezed lemon juice (and I sprinkle cinnamon on them).  I am just now finding a lemon juice in the organic section that is fresh squeezed lemons with no preservatives and additives at Publix.  After I have squeezed more lemons than you can imagine!  I was SO excited!


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