Keeping a Food Diary

You need to get a spiral notebook and keep up with everything your child eats.  Periodically the Doctor may ask for the past 3 days diet.  This also helps look back if they are having symptoms to help figure out what might be causing them. 

Justin has currently been on the diet seven months now and I am continuing to write down everything, even after the test study in case of flare ups or as I add back new foods to keep track or what could cause symptoms IF symptoms occur.  I also write down on each day what medications I give him and his BMs (symptoms).  I can look back now and see that Justin’s been symptom free since April 13! 

It is very challenging to prepare meals and special foods for just one person in the house.  It seemed like I was in the kitchen every weekend at the beginning cooking ALL the time!  But the more organized you are the easier it will be.  At my first meeting with the dietician I asked her for a guideline to go by on what to feed Justin everyday.  I thought it would make it easier if I had it laid out for me.  I have gone by the following and kept up with Justin’s food diary in a spiral notebook and it has been very helpful!


Breakfast:  Protein / Fruit


Lunch: Protein / Fruit / Vegetable


Dinner:  Protein /Fruit / Vegetable


By using the above guideline it helps me to make sure I get the right amount of proteins, fruits, and vegetables into his diet.  This makes me feel better when he is hungry the rest of the day and I can let him eat all the other SCD legal foods he wants.

This has worked great for me over the past seven months.  I hope this helps you kind of have a plan.  By documenting ALL of these things, I have found some foods that still upset his stomach that I know to stay away from.  As well as documenting his bm’s early in the diet showed us that he stayed constipated most of the time and helped us  to help make him regular.  I think by keeping this journal as well, documenting all of these things, will help you not only look back at the symptoms, but you can look back and start seeing the improvements and good days as well, as your looking towards your symptom free date!


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