Legal/Illegal List:

Meats – Legal – All fresh or frozen meats with no additives or processing are legal including beef, lamb, pork, liver, kidney, oxtail and tongue.

Meats (processed) – Illegal – Most have additives such as starch, lactose and sugar e.g. hot dogs, turkey loaf, spiced ham, bologna, smoked meats.

Fish – Legal – Fresh and frozen are allowed as long as nothing has been added during processing; check the labels carefully.  (I have found this legal can of tuna.  Ingredients are only tuna and olive oil.  Please note that the canned tunas “in water” that I have found also contain illegal ingredients.  Read the labels carefully.  This has been a easy lunchbox idea for my son and he likes it!)

Bacon – Legal – Smoked bacon that has been fried very crisply is allowed once per week. There are sugar-free bacons available and if you are able to find a source of sugar-free bacon, you do not have to limit your consumption to once per week. Usually the low sodium varieties do not contain sugar but check the labels carefully.  (This is the only sugar-free bacon I have found pictured.)

Eggs – Legal  (Scrambling or frying eggs in butter is a great way to add calories.  Omelets are great with cheese, bacon, and any of your other  SCD legal favorites (onions, peppers, tomatoes, etc.)

Peanut Butter – Legal – Natural peanut butter with no sugar added is allowed. (Smuckers “Natural” peanut butter in creamy and crunchy is legal.)

The more organized you try to stay the easier it is!  I try to buy fresh meat in large packages, for example the chicken legs/thighs and porkchops.  When we are grilling at home after my husband finishes grilling our dinner he puts on the extra meat.  I put this meat in some vacuum seal bags in the freezer.  THIS is a lifesaver!!!  Sometimes I cook a BIG pork butt or turkey in the crockpot or oven.  Keeping these in the freezer in small portions for about 2 meals comes in very handy!!! 

Sometimes when I am cooking, Justin can have what we are having, I just improvise (hamburger patties I just keep his separate with SCD legal seasonings, for tacos I brown all the ground meat and separate his before putting taco seasoning on ours and put spices he can have on his and mix with grated cheese, etc.) If I’m cooking something I cannot feed him then I can pull out one of these already cookedand frozen meats or I if I have time I cook him something I have in the freezer that is still uncooked but I have frozen in portions I can pull out for him.  These already cooked portions are also a LIFESAVER for lunches for school!


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