Vitamins & Medicines

Nano VM was originally recommended to us at the beginning of the study.  (  One jar lasts around 15 days for $14.  It’s a powder you can mix with your yogurt smoothies.  This vitamin might work for you if you have younger children, but my son can swallow pills, so we changed to the vitamin sold on Lucy’s Kitchen website.  It’s a pill form and cheaper. (  Please note it is a large pill, but can be broken in half or thirds.

The nurse is excellent about helping when you need a medication!  A few we have already inquired about.  There are sugar free cough drops for sour throats, Ricola brand (read the labels).  There is a sugar free Robitussen.  Be sure to always use Tylenol, no Ibuprofen!  And we’ve been needing an allergy tablet.  I’ve been using Claritin.  Yes, there is starch in it, but I haven’t found anything better and I figure the amount is small.  And as you will find, when you need medication, you need medication and it’s more important for them to get their medicine than to worry about the small amount of sugar or starch trace that might be in the medicine.

Our dietician had recommended Justin to be on Vitamin D supplement.  You can find these in the infant section and I sneak a few drops into a snack or dinner every night.

Remember it’s always a good idea to write down any medications given in the food diary.  I write down every night that I’ve given Justin his vitamins.


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