Adding Weight & Calories Per Lucy

Per a few mom’s request, I called Lucy today to discuss weight gain and adding calories.  She said the main thing to remember is to eat a balanced diet with lots of variety!  She mentioned this numerous times. 

A few things she recommended to help add calories, was making the yogurt from half & half, as well as remembering that almond flour is 500 calories per cup (and to note that no more than 4 muffins should be eaten a day). 

Lucy said that you should not expect to see any weight gain in the firt 2-3 months on the diet.  I mentioned to her that my son, Justin has been on the diet for 7 months now and has actually lost 5-6 pounds.  Lucy asked if he was he energetic, was I giving him a variety and well balanced diet, and was he eating plenty.  I told her YES!  He eats all the time!  She said that his health was most important, not to watch the weight, it will come.

Lucy said to “Eat enough but eat smart to get healthy with a balanced diet.”  She said to stuff yourself with “stuff” to gain weight is not healthy.


One thought on “Adding Weight & Calories Per Lucy

  1. I was very concern about weight lost as my son Jack had no weight to spare. He hasbhad a negative weight gain of 1 lb from Sept 2011- Feb 2012 We started the diet at the end of February. At our next visit just 6 wks after Jack had gain 1.5 lbs. Yippeee!!! We do smoothies twice a day with juice from Lakewood, hemp protein powder, and banana. He loves it! Hope this helps.

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