Halloween & The SCD Diet

Halloween & The SCD Diet…How can the two exist together? 

We don’t want our kids to feel left out on the SCD Diet and miss all of the Halloween fun!  So go out and buy that costume!  I read in an article a great way to keep our kids in the Halloween spirit!  Let them dress up and go out and with their friends and collect as much candy as they can get!  And parents….open up your wallets!  🙂  Tell them that you will pay them 10 cents for each piece of candy they get!  My teen-ager heard this and he wants me to do the same thing for him!  My daughter asked if she could pick out the chocolate pieces she wants and get money for the rest!  LOL 

Go online and look at some of the Halloween homemade decorated treats and try to come up with some way to turn some of them into Legal SCD scary treats.  Here are a few things I cooked last year when we were not on the diet, but I can fix these again this year and make them SCD Legal.  Brain – cauliflower cooked with beets and layered on spaghetti squash or shredded zucchini.  Witches fingers/bones with sauce – some SCD legal bread in these shapes (You brush with olive oil before cooking to make shiny.   You make three slits half way down for knuckle on finger with almond slice for fingernail.)  Scary teeth – cut apple dipped in lemon juice with almond slivers for teeth. 

Get creative mom’s!  And pass along your ideas with us!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


3 thoughts on “Halloween & The SCD Diet

  1. Paige! You’ve outdone yourself this time!! These are GREAT ideas. Even though Cameron is 15 years old, he still enjoys some playing around and getting candy as well as eating the leftover candy we don’t give out. But your idea is WONDERFUL and I’m sure my little “Money Miser” will LOVE IT! As always, thanks again.

  2. Trick or Treat for a good cause…some dentists/orthodontists often have contests to collect the most candy by weight. When you turn it in, they weigh it, sometimes pay you for it, or the person who collects the most wins a prize. The candy is then shipped to US soldiers. My son loved doing this – he got great fulfillment from supporting a good cause and enjoyed the process of Trick or Treating too.

    • That’s a great idea for our kids! I forgot about that. My son was just saying today he didn’t want to go trick or treating because he would just have to throw the candy away! Thanks!

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