Loving this cold weather!  I’ve been craving chili and of course I made it for Justin first!  I looked quickly online but did not find a recipe, so I was going to share with you what I threw together.  And yes, Justin loved it!

I ground up about 1.37 pounds of ground meat.  I had soaked about half a bag of beans the night before. (I happened to soak navy beans, but next time I will use the kidney beans.  Vary it up to make it different every time.)   I put the ground meat and drained “cooked” beans in a boiler then added two small cans of tomato juice and just poured in some of the spaghetti sauce I had in the pantry until it was the consistency that I wanted.  I added about four pieces of crumbled up cooked bacon to help add some flavor.  And I just went to my spice shelf and added a variety of spices I thought might be good.  ( Use your judgement what you child is used to or prefers.  I added some thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano, salt and fresh ground pepper.)   I tasted it near the end and had to add some more salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.  I even thought it was good and would have eaten it!  I put some in his lunch for today and froze a few containers to pull out later!

Let us know what recipes you put together!


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