Cheese Lace Crackers & Salsa


My family was having hamburgers with chips and salsa Friday night.  I always fix Justin a hamburger patty and he eats it with mustard.  Occassionally if I have some flatbread sandwich bread he will make a hamburger out of it.  I wanted him to have some chips with us and I had seen this easy looking recipe before.  You can go to some of the other websites I have posted on the blog and there are other chip recipes, but this one was the fastest and easiest on a time crunch!  He loved it of course!  I used an 8×8 pyrex dish but I had some left over. 

Cheese Lace Crackers (see picture

Cheddar Cheese (Jack and Parmesan Cheese also taste great)

Oil (Can use Olive Oil from a Misto Spray Can)

Apply a thick layer of oil to a Pyrex pie pan, or other glazed non-stick glass plate. Cover plate with medium slices of

Cheddar Cheese. Cook in microwave for approximately three minutes (dependent on type of microwave) until cheese is

thoroughly cooked—with a crackly top all over. Immediately remove from microwave and tip to one side to collect

all oil with several napkins. Break into chip-sized pieces and enjoy with salsa, guacamole, or any other SCD dip!


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