Hope your Thanksgiving went well!

Justin LOVED all of his Thanksgiving lunch!  He ate leftovers after leftovers!  He loved the Cranberry/Apple Relish so much that I’m thinking about trying to make it with the gelatin to make a jello for him to eat.  I froze half of the dressing for Christmas.  And I’m anxious to try a greenbean casserole for Christmas for him as well.  How did your holiday recipes come out? Let us know so we can have new ideas for Christmas!

I ordered from Digestive Wellness today.  I can’t wait to let Justin try the new ketchup!  I will let you know as soon as I find out!  They also have what looks like a new caramel icing.  Justin’s birthday is coming up.  I hope that is good as well! 

Keep in touch and please email me any new recipes or tips you have so we can pass them to everyone!



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