Ketchup – Must Have

We finally got around to trying the new ketchup from!  Justin LOVED It! 

I received an email that they now have bbq, after I had already placed my order.  But I would definately grab a bottle of that if you place an order.  And let us know how you like the bbq!

I ordered the bottled icing from  We were not happy with that at all.  It has a strong coconut flavor.  Justin didn’t even want to try it.  I do not recommend that.


2 thoughts on “Ketchup – Must Have

  1. Thanks for the info Paige. I plan to order the ketchup and the bbq this week. Unfortunately, Austin is having some pain and I have to say I am to blame. I allowed him to eat illegal foods at his baseball party. Please pray I will be able to reverse the start of a flare with a day or two on the intro diet.

  2. I’m glad you brought this up, Angie. We are getting close to our one year, symptom free date of April 13. (I know that’s still four months away, but that’s close considering what we’ve been through to get here as you all know!) We are already thinking about and worrying about adding foods back. With him having signs of flare-ups after a few illegal foods, this is concerning for the one year mark. As I’ve discussed with Justin, the book does say to be on the diet for 2 years before adding foods back. And I’ve discussed with him that he may have to continue on the diet indefinately (we think this is a small price to pay considering the side effects of the medications). It’s just good for everyone to think ahead on this journey and keep a positive outlook in the right direction and consider the posbilities when anticipating that one year mark. Good luck, Angie & Austin! And keep up the good work EVERYONE!!!

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