12/19/11 – Dr. Cohen said Cameron’s intestines feel the best yet!  He gained one pound and blood work looked good.  He has to do another test, but I already KNOW it will be good!!!  THANK YOU LORD!  –Wendy

12/12/11 – Hi!  Austin just completed his 1st day back to school, since September 27.  It went super duper!  They even threw him a welcome back party in 4th block!  He is tired and has lots of assignments to do.  His spirit is awesome and happy!  He goes back to the doctor on December 21 and another infusion on January 18.  Happy Holidays!  We are counting our blessings and you are one of them!  Thank you for your support and prayers!  Love, Todd, Jenn, & the boys



One thought on “PRAISE REPORT

  1. So glad to hear the good news about both Cameron and Austin!! I pray that they both continue doing well! Thinking of all of my wonderful SCD patients and parents this holiday! Happy Holidays to you all!

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