Dry Curd Cottage Cheese – What is this?

Here is a picture of the Dry Curd Cottage Cheese.  Maybe it will help you look for it.  Or have a copy on your cellphone like Wendy did and show someone in your grocery store and maybe they will recognize it and lead you to it.  I’ve found it in the gourmet cheese section in the deli section of the grocery store and near the cheese section by the lunchmeats.  I shop at three different Publix, and only one of them carries this.  But most Publix stores will order it for you and stock it for you if you buy it regularly.  It runs a little under $2.50.  The date expires pretty quickly, but note you can freeze for up to three months.  The texture resembles cream cheese.


2 thoughts on “Dry Curd Cottage Cheese – What is this?

  1. This stuff is GREAT for making the Loos bread. I’m a really good cook, but nt always the best baker, but after finding the dry curd cottage cheese at Publix I successfully made the bread. Paige was such an angel because she sent the picture to me and I found it at Publix. Thank you Paige! I LOVE YOU GIRL, YOU ROCK!!!

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