Everyone is asking…..how big is the PILL CAMERA!?!  My son, Justin, has been on the diet one year this week.  I can’t believe it!  It was SO hard at first and now time has flown by!  SCD Diet seems like part of our daily lives.  Below is a picture of Justin with the pill camera before he swallowed it.  I am hoping by posting this it will give everyone a better idea of what to expect and prepare.  Justin has never had too much trouble swallowing it, but like I’ve told everyone, a “girl” went in before his first time doing it and she did it.  So that was all the motivation he needed!  

When Justin had his first pill camera a year ago, the findings finally helped Dr. Cohen diagnose Justin with Crohn’s Disease.  After being on the SCD Diet for three months, his next pill camera showed perfectly healthy intestines!  I will let everyone know what his one year pill camera results show!!! 


4 thoughts on “PILL CAMERA

  1. I’m excited to see your update on the new results. My son Matthew goes in on 3/6 to the doctor. We are not sure on the upcoming steps, but hope that he will be able to do the study.

      • Paige,
        We are wondering how Justin’s most recent camera test went?
        We took Matthew to see Doctor Cohen yesterday (4/11/12). Within the 5 weeks that Matthew has been on the diet he has gone from 115 lb to 130 lb. The diarrhea has gone and that’s been about 3 weeks. His color is back and he says he has more energy than before.

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