Ketchup UPDATE –

I have commented lots of times how much I LOVE ordering from  Justin eats their jelly/jams, honey candies, fruit bars, crackers (they have recently changed the crackers and I wasn’t too crazy about the new ones), and the bbq and ketchup.  He always gets excited to see a delivery show up because I always add a few of the small cheaper cookie packages, too. 

On my last order I noticed they have something new for the ketchup.  When you select one and go to place your order there is an option to order the “Yummy, but more Runny” ketchup.  It’s only $3.49 per bottle compared to $8.49 for the regular.  Justin has tried the runny ketchup and cannot tell a difference.  So from now on I will save that $5 per bottle and order the runny. 

I just wanted you parents to know out there, so you know you can get the ketchup ALOT cheaper now!!!  And there’s not a noticeable difference.  (Just when your pouring it out, be careful!  It’s not thick like the other, so it comes out faster!)


One thought on “Ketchup UPDATE –

  1. Thanks Paige! I haven’t tried any of the sauces/ketchup because Cameron really isn’t too much of a sauce/ketchup eater. But as I try new recipes, it might be needed and it’s helpful to know about the options. I hate to sound like a “broken record”, but you’re THE BEST!!!!! Thanks for all the updates!

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