Sandwich Roll UPDATE

Did anyone try the sandwich roll recipe I posted?  I hope your kids liked them too!  I had an idea and tried it this week and wanted to pass it along.  I wanted to find a way to make them look more like “buns”.  I bought a new pan.  I sprayed with olive oil.  Put a large tablespoon of dough and dipping my fingers in water smoothed them even with the pan.  They turned out great!  With the pan I have it takes 3 rounds in the oven.  My dough wasn’t as runny this second time so luckily the dough didn’t run off the pan.  But if you try this be sure to put a cookie sheet on the lower oven rack if you’re worried about your’s making a mess.  And if it doesn’t turn out the first time, try it again!  Practice makes perfect!  I keep our buns in the fridge to keep for the week.  And sometimes toast to take away the moisture.  And one more tip, I bought my pan at JoAnn’s.  I used a half off one regular price item printed from the website and got it for $4.99!  Let me know how your’s turns out and your tips!!!


2 thoughts on “Sandwich Roll UPDATE

  1. I purchased the same pan and did the sandwich roll over the weekend. Everyone really liked.
    On another note…
    My son started his 6th week on tuesday. The d had gone away for the most part, with just a couple 1 time d.
    Yesterday, hes went 3 times. Is this die off, or should we look further. I hate to be considering it die off each time.
    Thanks for help.

    • Hi! Next time you need to email me so I can share you’re ideas, too! Didn’t the sandwich rolls turn out great! And everyone remember if they don’t turn out perfect the first time, keep trying! Mine were almost perfect the 3rd time I made them.
      Please read my post for your other answer. Thanks!

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