AFTER One Year – Trial and Error!

I actually find it VERY hard to decide what new things to let Justin try!  You don’t want to ruin a good thing – no symptoms from being on the diet for over a year!  But you know how strict the diet is!  I will try to continue updating when we have tried a few things.  If only to help those who will be going through this soon!  Hoping this will give you some ideas of what to try and what NOT to try!  And PLEASE if anyone has any ideas of what you think would not be harmful and worth giving a try, email me! 

School is out for us and we have already been to Panama City Beach, FL, to see family there.  Justin has added some things into his diet on a regular basis.  

*  Justin uses Newman’s Light Balsamic Salad Dressing regularly. 

*  We take almond flour buns/sandwich bread and replace the bread on Chick Fil A grilled chicken sandwich.  He eats the grilled chicken bites that Chick Fil A has now. 

*  Justin eats the hamburger patties at Bobby’s Burgers and Five Guys Burgers.  They are made with fresh ground meat. 

*  Justin occassionally will eat packaged beef jerky, original flavor. 

*  I have let him have the “carved” turkey/ham lunch meats and high quality sliced ham/turkey lunch meats. 

*  Justin has tried the precooked sausage patties you just stick in the microwave. 

*  And I have cooked a ham steak and he’s eaten that for dinner. 

* Justin has had a whole sweet potato baked with carrots and a roast.

*  My oldest son had a chocolate cake for his birthday.  I would let Justin have one small bite at night if we were having a piece.

*  We found a new lemon muffin recipe Justin loves!  He used to love lemon squares.  So we make these muffins and I dust the tops with powered sugar.  He thinks he’s eating the “real” thing!

I make cut-out cookies every year for the kids school and ice them.  I found a great cut-out cookie recipe for Justin with almond flour and made him a dozen.  I iced and decorated a “few” for him so he could eat them with his classmates.  So he didn’t have the grain flour cookie, just the sugar icing on top.   The cookies were for Justin’s 5th grade graduation.

We have not seen/noticed any side effects from any of these things. 


Although we are seeing great results from these added foods.  We have had one symptom to report.  The last day of school, Justin’s class was having an ice cream party.  He begged and begged me for weeks before to let him try some ice cream.  Someone had told me about lactose free ice cream they ate from Krogers.  So I went to track down this ice cream.  When i found it, it just seemed to have too many illegal ingredients and scared me.  I read all the labels on all of the other frozen ice creams/sorbets.  I found one that was lactose free and did not have milk as ingredient, only whey.  Justin was SO excited to get to eat ice cream with his friends!  He might have had 1/2 a cup with pecans on top.  Four days later there was blood when he went to the bathroom.  So…. Ice cream is OFF our list!  Along with rice (grains).


5 thoughts on “AFTER One Year – Trial and Error!

    • We make popsicles with Zuko maker (sold at Brookstone) and poor Lakewood juices. Both kids love it! We also make ice cream at home with coconut milk, vanilla and honey! We all love it!

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