YONANA – Ice Cream Anyone????

So if you are following my blog you read that we tried some lactose free brand of ice cream and it didn’t set well for Justin.  So when I saw the Yonana machine on tv, I had to try it!  Justin LOVES it! 

Visit the ad below to show you what it’s all about!


We just got our Yonana machine this week!  Justin has only tried the banana/strawberry treat!  He asks for it everyday!  Justin had a friend over yesterday and he tried some, too!  His friend was asking his mom for a Yonana machine!  We can’t wait to try one of the new recipes.  It comes with a book full of different varieties.  We want to try the Pecan Pie recipe – 2 frozen bananas – frozen dates – sprinkle with roasted pecans.  I am going to make some and make frozen popcycles. 

I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for $49.99.  They also carry them at Best Buy and Targets.  (I read online if you order directly from the website you will still pay the $49.99 plus pay for shipping.)

Let us know if you get one and how you like it!!!  And what your favorite recipes are!


4 thoughts on “YONANA – Ice Cream Anyone????

  1. I’ve noticed that if the bananas are REALLY hard from being frozen it helps to just quickly rinse them under cold water, and then they seem to go through the machine much better 🙂

  2. We love the yonanas machine! My son loves a mixture of frozen bananas and peaches, or frozen bananas with a swirl of peanut butter mixed into the bowl.

    • Yum! Thanks for the tip! Bananas & peanut butter! When we first got the Yonana he ate it so much he got burnt out and its been put up for a while. Time to get it out!

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