Cleanse – While on the SCD Diet

I thought I had posted a blog on this topic when I first started, but it was brought to my attention today that I had not.  So please never hesitate to email me if you cannot find a blog answering one of your questions! 

Justin had a pill camera test after being symptom free for 3 months and after being on the diet for one year.  It is challenging finding things for them to eat while on the SCD Diet.  Below are the things I used for Justin.  Mom’s, if you have other items you have used or ideas, PLEASE comment on this post and share them with us!  THANKS!!!

During the cleanse with the Miralax Justin would have his Miralax mixed with white grape juice/club soda, homemade SCD lemonade (, or tea. 

The day before I made Justin one or two varieties of jello, made with the unflavored gelatine and white grape juice or homemade lemonade. Justin was eat alot of this.

I bought the honey candies from ( and let Justin suck on these on the day of his cleanse. 

I boiled a whole chicken the day before the cleanse and seasoned with salt, pepper, and chives.  (Use whatever spices your child prefers.)  And I did offer this to him.  He didn’t eat much of this.

I made some homemade popcycles from the white grape and SCD lemonade.  But don’t forget the tropical flavored Power of Fruit popcyles at Publix.

I hope this helps!  There isn’t much on the diet to offer, so it takes some planning to keep them busy and take their mind off of what’s going on so the time will go by faster!


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