Hello everyone! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything. I haven’t heard from many of you in a while. Wendy and I keep in touch regularly. She’s great motivation and always has lots of great new ideas! I recently found a new cookbook that we have LOVED! Wendy is enjoying it too! I found it at my local Sam’s, but Wendy got it online. It’s called:
“Cooking for the Special Carbohydrate Diet” by Erica Kerwien
The book not only has lots of great recipes, but some great advice and tips. Justin loved the Chicken Pot Pie, Cinnamon Bun Muffins, and Sandwich Rounds. One great thing Wendy and I have noticed is the cookbook does not use alot of almond flour.

It’s hard to believe Justin will have been on the SCD Diet for 2 1/2 years in August!!! Time has flown by! Boy have I learned ALOT!!!!

I’m just curious who is still following this blog and is still following the SCD Diet. Is anyone still interested in new recipes? How is everyone doing??? If you could please respond and answer any/all of these questions! THANKS!

Hope this finds EVERYONE doing good!!!


21 thoughts on “HELLO!!!

  1. Funny you make a post today. Matthew started scd march 2012 and is still on the scd diet.
    Matthew did not like the yogurt so we stopped using it and added probiotic vcl#3 about 3 months ago.
    Hes not really had normal movements as they are always loose. We thought it was because he ate alot of fruit.
    However, we decided to start the yogurt again and matthew was in complete agreement.
    Hes been using yogurt 1 week on monday.
    The problem…. he told us he has two mouth sores last night and today he mentioned that his stomach hurts.
    Do yall agree its most likely because we are re-introducing the yogurt and its the die off?

    • Hello! Great job sticking to do this diet this long! I know it’s hard work on mom and child!
      I would guess you are right and perhaps his symptoms are from the yogurt. My son did not like the yogurt and still does not. At the beginning of the diet I made him have approx 2 yogurts a day until he was symptom free then I pushed for at least 1 a day. I’m lucky now to get him to eat one every 2-3 days. I believe I posted a blog at the beginning with ideas for yogurt. Please search for all of them. Justin makes smoothies or parfaits with his yogurt. Wendy makes her son, Cameron, ice cream with his. I know one child that was on the diet for over a year, that is off the diet now with low meds and doing fine but continuing with the yogurt.
      Please keep in touch and share you ideas/questions/recipes!

      • He noticed his D got better, so hes ok with making sure he has 2 to 3 cups per day. I put 1 full cup in a banana smoothie in the morning. Than I ask him to have 1 cup at bed time.
        I just saw a little concern in his face when he told me his stomach hurt.
        I have re assured him the sores and pain was a die off issue.
        I just was wondering what others may think.

        • Let me know if you want me to post your story and ask moms for feedback. Or if there is ever anything you want to post or have a question about!!!

  2. Paige, I was so excited to see your post. I had checked your blog from time to time wondering how Justin was doing. My daughter is Jenn and I’ve been helping with some of the SCD diet. (I make yogurt as well as muffins, bread, sandwich buns, pancakes and cookies). Will definitely look for the cookbook you mentioned.

    • Please let me know if you have any questions you want me to post for the other mom’s or if you have any recipes/tips/ideas you would like to share with everyone! I will post them! Thanks!

  3. Always interested in recipes. My eldest will be leaving for college and the SCD diet now seems nearly impossible. We continue to chat about options and methods but not so sure it will be as possible as it has from home. She is 18 and now leaving home. Strange feeling and creates excitement and anxiety. Time for her to take Crohn’s on in her own life without me right there with her. Of course as the parents we do much of the cooking and creating. That now till be her opportunity. The simpler the recipes and options the better now.

      • If you like I can post a blog asking moms for advice or ideas they might have for help? I suggest making her a homemade cookbook to send with her with those easy recipes. And if you are planning on helping and she’s not too far away you can spend a day or two cooking and send alot of frozen foods to help her out at first!

  4. It is so nice to get this post. We (my 2 kids, my husband and I taking one for the team as all of them have IBD) have been on the SCD diet for 1 year and 5 months. Our son (10) had a mayor flare after 1 year on the SCD when he came off Pentasa. He had surgery and slowly again coming off other meds. We will stay in Pentasa for a while. Our daughter(12) continues to do well without meds and on the diet. However, I am getting a lot of resistance and occational cheating in order to “fit in”. When she cheats she has symptoms a few days later. Drives me crazy! How you all deal with teens? Dr Gold, a psycologist and I continue to talk to her…. dont seem to stop the waves. She was fine until we hit that 1 year benchmark. Love to hear suggestions….

    • I like how you worded it- “fitting in”. Justin has had this problem at school since Thanksgiving. And now we find him sneaking things! He turned 12 in December. I will discuss with you later what we are thinking. It’s so frustrating isn’t it. It’s good to hear we are not alone!

  5. Is anyone going next week to the CCFA camp? Both our kids are going… thought I might be able to meet some of you there…:-)

  6. Hello everyone! So glad to see the blog active again – and I just have to give a great big SHOUT-OUT and THANK-YOU to Paige!!! You’re the best and I know I truly appreciate this blog and your freindship. So, Cameron will be attending camp as a LIT (Leader in Training) and he’s pretty excited about it. I will be sending 90% of his meals, because the camp doesn’t have an SCD menu, but when I tell you they are THE BEST at helping our kids stick to whatever we send – trust me they really are. Last year was Cameron’s first year at camp and I sent all his food. The only meal he ate that they cooked was the hamburgers and he said they were so sweet about it that they made him about a dozen burgers! LOL!!! I’m also glad to know we have new parents to recipe swap with and I look forward to seeing and meeting you all on Sunday. Take care and thanks again Paige!

  7. HI! Oh Paige & Wendy…I think of ya’ll & your families often! Soooooo glad to see this post! Ya’ll are my SCD angels! We are still not back on SCD yet, but we do still follow some of it! Austin refuses to eat any can goods, to this day after being on SCD! He is stable but not in remission we are still doing remicade treatments; we were at 8 weeks, went to 7 weeks but looks like we may have to go every 6 weeks to try and get him into remission. Some of the best meals we had were from SCD recipes! I look forward to getting the new cookbook! Austin is at an academic camp at Emory so he will miss out on all the fun CCFA! it was a really great camp so hopefully next year he will get to go again! Much love and prayers to all! Hugs, Jenn. (Austin’s Mom)

    • Jennifer! I’m so glad to hear from you and to know Austin is doing well. I missed seeing you guys at camp today. Excited to see Paige and her family!! WooHoo SCD moms and kids rock!! LOL!! Let’s make sure to keep in contact. Smooches!!

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