“The SCD Diet & Your Teeth”

I saw this article from a link I follow on facebook (link below). Please take time to read it. Justin has been on the SCD Diet over 2 1/2 years now. This is something I have not thought about. But if we plan on our children being the diet for a long time, I think it’s something all of us mom’s need to know.

“The SCD Diet & Your Teeth”:

Below is the link for a facebook page I like to follow. I love some of the advice and comments they have.

“Foods That Naturally Clean Your Teeth” –


One thought on ““The SCD Diet & Your Teeth”

  1. Very interesting! During Jacks last dentist check up, the doctor lecture Jack about how important it was to floss as he had a lot of plaque. I guess now I know why?
    Will be eating more apples! 🙂

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