Lemon Custard is Chilling!

After first reading ALL of those instructions for the custard of the pie it did seem difficult! But now that I am finished, I would make this pie again if Justin likes it!

I have the pie crust cooled and the lemon custard is chilling in the fridge. If you have all of your ingredients measured out before you start it goes smoothly. The tempering of the eggs sounds intimidating but goes quickly. I remember my mom making a homemade chocolate pie that you had to temper the eggs. I believe after you do it once, it’s like making the yogurt was at first when we started it, and was easier the more we did it once we knew what we were doing.

I’ve made Merigue before do that should go ok. Will let you know how the taste testing goes! He can’t wait! That’s what makes it all worth while! And the big hug I got when he saw I was making it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lemon Custard is Chilling!

  1. Okay, so you KNOW I can’t wait! Where did you find the palm shortening? And I’m very nervous about the eggs. Keep me posted! LOL!!

    • I promise it’s not difficult once you’ve done it! Tempering is just adding a small amount of the hot liquid to the eggs and whisking the eggs then adding another small amount of the hot to the eggs and whisking. You slowly heating up the eggs because if you poured all the of egg yolks into the hot mixture at once they might would cook. I temper by adding a gravy spoon of the hot mixture to the eggs and whisking and repeating three or four times. Call me if you have any questions!
      Justin licked the bowl of the custard and loved it!

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