Social Network for Crohn’s Disease

Thank you ALL mom’s for ALL comments and feedback! You never know when something you have to share/vent/question might help someone else!

Thanks Mom “ML” for sharing the following website/article with us! I hope everyone finds it interesting!

She also shared the following social network for Crohn’s Disease:

I joined today! It looks very interesting and it was easy to sign up! I also followed the blog! They just interviewed Steve & Jordan! Let us know what you find there so we can make sure we find it, too! I will try to get on soon and do more investigating!

Real quick moms… Please be sure to come back to the blog and read the comments on each post! There have been some great feedback and questions! You might be able to help out! THANKS!


2 thoughts on “Social Network for Crohn’s Disease

  1. hi, wondering if you could give me the name of your GI dr in the atlanta area? was it dr gold? does he encourage the SCD? i am a member of a few Facebook groups and someone was looking for a good dr in the southeast. our dr just humors us so wouldn’t recommend him. thanks!

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