Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!

I had a question from Mom “ML” yesterday. What do we do to fill up these HUNGRY kids!?!

ML wrote:
Anyone have advice about filling goods for a fast-growing child? My son’s appetite is through the roof, and he’s gained about 10% of his weight in the first three months of SCD (yay!), but making up for lost time and being about to hit puberty means he’s ravenous…He’ll eat 4 eggs with cheese for breakfast, juice, bacon. A decent sized lunch and dinner with meat and veggies. Lots of snacks in between. But after dinner he goes berserk with hunger and I can’t seem to fill him up! Something about these foods isn’t quite filling him up, despite how much he eats…Have you found particular foods that help that brain-gut connection? I’ve been roasting nuts with honey and I put that on a 2-3 banana yonanas and stir in peanut butter…And that works for about half an hour. !!

This is what I wrote years ago in a blog after Justin started the diet:

I asked the Doctor after a few weeks on the diet why Justin was eating ALL the time. He seemed like he was ALWAYS hungry! The foods he was eating were not filling, but they are good for him. The Doctor said to let him eat all he wanted. Snack times he would pig out!

Be sure to browse the blog for great meal and snack ideas! At the bottom left corner you can search through the “Recipes” and “Snacks” categories for lots of ideas! Be sure to let us know your ideas and favorite recipes!

Justin will have been on the diet for 3 years this February! And I still never think that he is full, except after dinners! Lol The key I think for mom’s to not only help themselves, but for the children: cook and freeze! When I’m cooking blueberry muffins, I might double the recipe and make a batch of mini-muffins and put in small freezer bags and freeze. When making cookies, double the recipe and freeze! When his fruit snacks are on sale I buy alot! I’ve had to learn not to say anything if he gets some frozen meat out of the freezer for a snack in the afternoon! Try to keep lots of things handy! And I also learned over time, as hungry and as much as he eats, teach them how to go and get their own snacks when they are hungry! It gets over whelming even doing all this extra cooking and preparing! To stop what you are doing and fix all the foods and snacks can cause frustration I have found! Justin knows whenever he is hungry he can go find whatever he wants and fix it.

Moms, what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!

  1. Paige, you’re absolutely right! I keep actual as I call them “groceries” in the freezer – which are meals that I have left over and freeze. So if Cameron is extra hungry, I can tell him there’s a serving of ribs or chicken in the freezer. I also double up on cookies and muffins to freeze. I also make a large container of yogurt into frozen yogurt (like ice cream) and that’s another filling “go-to” snack.

  2. Same here… Jack has his time periods that he just cant eat enough…I just cant keep the refridgerator filled. You all shared ideas about freezing meals and snacks. I dont do enough of that…. Thanks for sharing!

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