Looking For Your Opinions Mom’s!

Thanks to Todd for seeking advice! We know it’s not easy sticking to such a strict diet. Please read his email below and give us your feedback. Thanks!!!

I am not a mom for the blog but found the site informational and worth reading. I have a few questions on the SCD Diet that I was hoping moms working with the diet could help me with. We have 2 children ages 7 and 11. Neither have Chron’s disease. My son years ago was on the Autism Spectrum with a none diagnosed mild case of Aspersers. We have always been open to alternative medicines so we went to a Dr. who specializes in this practice. He said that my son has food allergies and sensitivities to foods. So he had us stop all Dairy, Gluten, Sugar, Potatoes, and some fruits. This was extremely difficult on my son. My wife found that his diagnoses closely followed the scd diet. She started cooking and following the scd diet for the last 3 years for the entire family. I am concerned for the health of my kids because this diet eliminates a lot of foods that help with vitamin and mineral balances. It is difficult for them at School, Church and parties. My wife is extremely strict on the diet and just recently the Dr. dropped chocolate. I am afraid we are so one sided in the foods we eat that it may be causing other issues. I have done my own testing with Cow’s milk and wheat from a sandwich and have found no issues. My wife feels this is a healthier lifestyle. I feel eating healthy is important but in balance within all food groups. My mom made a comment to me that she feels that since the kids do not have any diagnosed health problems related to food that this is borderline abuse. I forgot to mention my son no longer has any issues with the mild case of aspersers I have always felt it was as he matured it got better. I just want to make sure that since our kids do not have diagnosed health problems that this diet is necessary and safe at their age.
Thanks Todd

My Opinion: When I first started learning about the SCD Diet for my son, he was 10. I started searching for recipes and information. I found alot more information about the SCD Diet for autism in children than for crohn’s. I STRONGLY believe from what I have learned about the diet over the last almost 3 years, that your son’s condition is better BECAUSE of the diet. Not to say that he couldn’t go off the diet and not see any “immediate” changes going backwards with his problems. But I do believe they would come back over time. My son is symptom free and uses no medication for his crohn’s disease, but I cannot say he is cured and take him off. If he cheats on the diet for very long he has a flare up and has stomach cramps, diarrhea, and bleeding.
Also I do NOT feel like this is abuse of any kind. You and your wife are simply teaching your children how to eat healthy, something everyone of us parents should be doing. Please read our posts on the children having problems with social events and the diet. Yes, this can be hard for them. You also mentioned that you tried bread and cow’s milk? If you don’t have any conditions, you might not see an immediate difference after eating these things, especially after having been on the diet for three years. I know when my son had been on the diet for a year, we tried adding back a few foods, and he had awful flares. Now that he’s been on the diet almost three years, he can get away with eating “some” things occassionally.
I hope this helps some and I am hoping other mom’s will be able to help you as well. If you still have questions or concerns, please email me again or comment here. Good luck! And GOOD JOB to you and your wife for sticking with this for three years!!!


2 thoughts on “Looking For Your Opinions Mom’s!

  1. I am an occupational therapist that worked many years with kids on the autism spectrum. DIET MATTERS MORE THAN ANY OTHER INTERVENTION! Families that did a 50-95% diet change — little results regarding behavior, engagement, ability to express verbally and cognitively, motor coordination, as well as overall health. The few families that sacrificed their lifestyle to change diet 100% — A M A Z I N G results, e.g. severe autistic kids changing to where you would not know they are autistic unless you lived with them! SCD impacted more than any other dietary strategy – noted in reviews from hundreds of families for a questionnaire. SCD is a healthy lifestyle of eating that everyone should follow — all it is is slow food in a fast food world. That’s the challenge parents have to face. WELL WORTH YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH.

  2. I also know some families that avoid glutten and dairy due to ADD/ADHD and have seen amazing results. I truely think it is a lifestyle issue that you are debating not a health issue. I have many friends that are the paleo diet or the primal blueprints diet… all very similar. Although in our family, we have 3 out of 4 that have some form of IBD, I have decided for all of us to do the diet and make it a lifestyle choice (Im the only one without a diagnozed.). We actually eat a lot healthier now than we ever did before with a lot more raw and whole foods than ever. We eat more as a family; and we know what is in our food instead of relying on fast or package food.
    Is it more work? Absolutely! In my opinion, completely worth it! I have a 12 year old that has her ups and downs but what 12 year old doesnt have ups and downs about something… Our occational battles just happen to be about food and fitting in. But in reality, dont we all struggle to fit in at that age.
    I whole hearterly believe on the diet. I know that when our kids become adults, they will eat much better by choice than most people in our society.
    Just my 2 cents! Good luck!

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