What Do You Think Mom’s? – Julie

Julie wants to know what you Mom’s think might be going on. Any advice? Thanks!!!

Julie wrote:
After 3.5 weeks of being symptom free for the third time since starting the diet, our son is in another flare. He seems to be having a flare about every 4 weeks and we are at a loss as to why. The blood usually disappears a few days after doing the intro for 2 days but it’s been a week today and his symptoms have not subsided. I am getting pressure to start using prednisone again and to try 6mp in addition to the diet. These drugs helped my husband who was diagnosed in college and has only had 2 flares his whole life. I am really worried about the long-term side effects of the drugs, but am also concerned that he is having a flare-up about once a month. I have been researching fecal transplants but the FDA is restricting them to do clinical trials. At a loss as to what to do.

My opinion:
Are you keeping a strict food diary? I know it is sometimes frustrating and hard to figure out what is causing these flare ups, but with a strict food diary it can help you narrow down the cause. My son had occassional flare ups near the beginning and we usually could figure out what the cause was. I personally would not start over with the intro. It could be something you would never think it could be. Something that is legal on the diet but something that your child is personally sensitive to. I have noticed that usually after Justin eats something, it will cause symptoms anywhere from 3-5 days after eating it. It might take a few flare ups to figure it out.
A few things that might be crucial for him at the beginning of the diet… Is he eating cauliflower? They say to wait on that for a while. Are the bananas he eats turning black or have spots? I know one mom that used to be on the blog had a daughter in college and she couldn’t eat bananas at all or they would hurt her. Is he eating too many nuts or foods with the nut flour? A mom mentioned one time that too many nuts hurt her son. What fruits is he eating? Justin’s stomach hurt severely at the beginning of the diet when he ate fresh pineapple. Are you cooking all his vegetables? I have heard this helps.

Mom’s what other advice do you have for her to watch for to help? THANKS for your input!!!


7 thoughts on “What Do You Think Mom’s? – Julie

  1. I totally agree with you. I would introduce foods slowly (just like you would do for a baby). This way it might make it a little easier to figure out what foods might be aggravating him. Build up to foods, even though a food is legal it might not be right for him. My son has been on the diet for 16 almost 17 months and he still can’t handle any beans. The most important food in his diet is the yogurt. Anytime he starts to feel uncomfortable it’s usually because he hasn’t been eating yogurt daily. He is 15yrs old and did some cheating this summer and the yogurt pulled him right out of the discomfort he was having. Glad to say that the cheating has stopped! Good luck, my thoughts and prayers are with all of you!

  2. Agree 100% about the food diary. They’re a pain to keep but probably the only way to pinpoint the culprit foods. It seems like some of the problems often have to do with not just the food itself but quantity. The diary would help you see this as well.

    I also agree with Lisa about the yogurt. My son is getting tired of smoothies, so sometimes we slip if I don’t battle with him about it and we definitely see the effects of that. One mom in this group has her child eat yogurt at bedtime every night. That seems really smart.

    It must be really difficult to be pressured re: the medications. I’m also really afraid of those, though I know they’re very helpful in some situations. I’m afraid of them presenting a whole separate set of symptoms and no longer being able to figure out whether it’s food bothering my son or the meds. Maybe give yourself x amount of time on the diary/yogurt approach and see where that gets you? Best of luck. Hang in there. It’s nerve-wracking.

  3. He eats 2-3 cups of yogurt a day with a little honey and has been doing that all along. He loves it. We are wondering if he should take a probiotic pill in addition (one that is SCD legal offered by GI Pro Health). Also, when your kids have flared, how long did it take for b and D to disappear? This is his 3rd flare since starting the diet 5 mos. ago. This one seems rougher. Is this typical? Thanks for your help. I really don’t want to use prednisone and 6mp.

    • Hi — This is probably unlikely, but have you had your yogurt maker for a while? I read something on the SCD Group on facebook (or was it crohnology.com?) about people talking about how their yogurt makers stopped working and they flared (and then realized why).

      My son has only been on the diet for about 4 months now, and his flares have been just a little diarrhea, and lasting just a day or two. We’re so new to this I don’t know what’s typical, or if those could even be considered flares. If you’re on FB, there are a ton of very active people on that SCD Group page…lots of helpful insights there.

      Also, any possibility he’s getting some illegals at school that you might not know about?

    • My sons flare ups would last a week usually. I would definitely try the food diary for “at least” six months to figure out what the food might be. I also know and have heard that stress can bring a flare on. I used to would document in my sons diary any medicine (Tylenol, allergy pill, etc) he took, any stressful/exciting event, unusual bm’s, etc. from doing all of the I did figure out some significant things that were causing him to have migraines.

  4. Agree with all that was mentioned… Definitely probiotics! My son is allergic to dairy so we dont do the yogurd but definitely on probiotics without FOS. (We use HLC intensive). Caution with tylenol, allergy meds and other over the counter meds. We have used in the pass National Compounding Pharm from Newton, Mass. We discovered that even flonase had corn starch granted Flonase doesnt go into the digestive system. Many toothpaste have corn starch too so make sure they are rinsing well. That is just my experience with corn as my daughter used to have a sensitivity to it years ago.
    Hope you find some answers with the journal!

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