Calling ALL Mom’s…SCD Shopping? Cookbooks?

Welcome to Suzie and her daughter who are new to the SCD Diet and our blog! Suzie asked, “Trying to find ingredients for SCD cooking has been nuts!! Where do you shop, please, and what cookbooks have you loved?”

So, Mom’s, what stores do you shop for your ingredients? And what SCD cookbooks do you consider your favorites??? And I have one more question. What websites do you order from the most? For example, where do you order your flour? snacks? extras?

My answer:
I do most of my shopping at Publix. I’m not sure where you live if there are Publix grocery stores there. I know most of the Publix and Kroger’s will special order items for you. I like to go to our local Kroger occassionally because they have a huge nutritional section. I also have a small health food store nearby. I wish I was close to our market here in Atlanta, that Wendy goes to ALL the time, but it’s too far for me. I also wish I closer to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s! When I first started the SCD Diet for my son I would make trips there.

I have enjoyed my Against All Grain cookbook. Before that one came out I was cooking alot from Cooking For The Specific Carbohydrate Diet cookbook which I found at Sam’s. I have purchased a cookbook from Lucy’s Kitchen (link at top right of blog). I’m wanting a cookbook A Taste Of Wellness from the Digestive Wellness website (link at top right of blog) for Christmas! I LOVE this website! I also highly recommend getting recipes online! I have some good websites on the top right column of the blog that I have gotten lots of recipes from and I occassionally like to browse and try something new. I have also started following Against All Grain and another Facebook page called Elanas Pantry ( Look on Facebook and find some pages to follow that give great recipes.

I have done most of my online shopping for SCD at Digestive Wellness and Lucy’s Kitchen (links at top right of blog). I order lots of things from Digestive Wellness. And they are great people! Last year when I placed an order near his birthday they threw in some extra treats for him and a sign saying Happy Birthday! How nice!!! They also have some great sales and promotions going on! And who doesn’t love Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen! You can call her if you have any questions! One of our Mom’s on the blog, Wendy, has gotten to know her well! 😉

Good luck! And let us know if you have any other questions! So, Mom’s, let us know where you do your shopping…your favorite SCD cookbooks…and your favorite SCD websites!


9 thoughts on “Calling ALL Mom’s…SCD Shopping? Cookbooks?

  1. Dekalb Farmers market has the blanched almond flour and lots of un-roasted nuts. Lots of dried fruit, dry curd cheese, lot of organics for great prices. And of course fruits and vegetables. They have a huge wall of dry herbs that I have used because I feel the price is good and their herbs are always fresh. Dry beans, O my the list goes on:)
    Go during the week so you have enough time to view all their items and it won’t be so crowded:)

  2. We follow the SCD diet for my son and his birthday is fast approaching. I’d love to know of great birthday cake (and icing!) recipes! What have you tried and loved?

    • Jennifer,
      I have made this cavewomen coconut cake for my now 15 year old son for his birthday the last 2 years. He loves this cake even though he does not really care for coconut. I did not have the flour this year so I purchased the unsweetened coconut pieces and processed it myself. It came out wonderful:)
      * 1 tsp Baking power = 1/4 tsp baking soda+1/4 tsp lemon juice OR 1/4 tsp baking soda + 1/4 tsp plain yogurt
      click on this link I provided you and it should take you to the receipe:

      A good cookbook that is small but powerful is:
      Cooking for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, by Erica Kerwien
      she has some helpful information information and like all the great SCD cookbooks the ingredient list is simple and small:)

  3. Thank you for putting my question up, it certainly warmed my heart. My nine year old Rose is not having a good day. 😦 I will try keeping a food log. It really takes 3-5 days for symptoms from foods to show? She had some blood on her tp this morning and is not having a happy tummy. I wish I could get her to better tell me what’s happening in there. Gas vs. Pain or whatnot. How does your son describe his discomfort?

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