“How does your child describe their discomfort?”

One of our mom’s wrote:

“My nine year old is not having a good day. I will try keeping a food log. It really takes 3-5 days for symptoms from foods to show? She had some blood on her tp this morning and is not having a happy tummy. I wish I could get her to better tell me what’s happening in there. Gas vs. Pain or whatnot. How does your son describe his discomfort?”

This mom is also from Utah and wondering if there is anyone else from her area that could give her some ideas where to shop for SCD legal foods!

My thoughts:
I just try to remember the questions my son’s GI doctor asks when we go in when he’s having stomach cramps or not. He always asks what type of stools he is having. He asks where in the stomach area the pain is coming from. And he always asks when he is in pain to rank it from 1 to 10 with 10 being severe. I think it something you have to try to figure out a language with your child and work on figuring out. For example, ask the pain level and location of pain and try to pay close attention if they seem to be passing alot of gas. If you are like me and have a bad memory, I would write it down so you will remember next time. AND try to point this out to your child so they can learn perhaps that this pain could be gas pain or what’s going on. My son has learned over time. He automatically gives me the diagnosis. He will say I have diarhea and it hurts a 4.
Great job keeping the food journal! I know it’s a pain, but it pays off in the long run! After a couple of years I started making my son write everything down, although it wasn’t as detailed, it did make him pay attention to what he was eating. After two and a half years on the diet we stopped the food journal. We feel like we have things under control, AS LONG AS he sticks strictly to the diet and doesn’t cheat.
Good luck and remember, it does get easier!!!

Mom’s how would you describe your childs discomfort. Any tips? Thanks!!!


One thought on ““How does your child describe their discomfort?”

  1. Hi, Suzie B. here from Utah. So my daughter Rose just ate an “all natural fruit strip” from stretch island fruit co. today. The ingredients are apple puree concentrate, pear concentrate, raspberry puree, lemon juice concentrate. I’ve been trying to stay away from anything “concentrate”. A friend had given it to us hoping that it might be a treat she could have. I didn’t feel good about it and threw it in the trash. Rose fished it out… Should I be concerned? What kind of packaged treats does your son eat, and what do you pack for his school lunches? She’s been having a tiny bit of blood for the last few days when she wipes, but no pain or discomfort accompanying the stool. Hernea? Anyhoo, I’m just trying not to freak out, because I’ve been working soooo hard to keep her scd and icky free. Thanks for letting me vent :).

    Suzie B.

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