Lunches? Snacks?

One of our great SCD mom’s sent in this question:

Hi, Suzie B. here from Utah. So my daughter Rose just ate an “all natural fruit strip” from stretch island fruit co. today. The ingredients are apple puree concentrate, pear concentrate, raspberry puree, lemon juice concentrate. I’ve been trying to stay away from anything “concentrate”. A friend had given it to us hoping that it might be a treat she could have. I didn’t feel good about it and threw it in the trash. Rose fished it out… Should I be concerned? What kind of packaged treats does your son eat, and what do you pack for his school lunches? She’s been having a tiny bit of blood for the last few days when she wipes, but no pain or discomfort accompanying the stool. Hernea? Anyhoo, I’m just trying not to freak out, because I’ve been working soooo hard to keep her scd and icky free. Thanks for letting me vent.
Suzie B.

So mom’s, please take some time to give your opinions and tips. It’s been years since we have discussed the ideas for lunches and snacks to send for school. I believe we have all come a long way and have new ideas and tips since we last discussed this! And THANKS for your input!

My input:
If I remember correctly, Suzie, I believe your daughter is new on the diet? Has she been symptom free for 3-6 months at least? I remember at the beginning of the diet I stayed away from the “concentrate” items as well. I might have started using these snacks after my son was symptom free and on the diet for a year. I made my own homemade fruit strips at the beginning of the diet to make sure they were SCD Legal. I was going to say that Digestivewellness has SCD legal fruit strips, but I looked and they are made from “concentrate”. You could call them and ask their opinion as well…..I just called the great people at Digestivewellness and asked their recommendation. They also believe she should hold off on the “concentrate” items until she has been symptom free for a while. She should not try these things that early in the diet. My son LOVES the Mango Strips that are legal and would be great for her ( and the packages are large enough you could make smaller snack bags and this could last for a few days. The honey candies are awesome to have for the winter as a treat in her lunchbox or for sour throats ( And these snacks are Justin’s most favorite snacks –
Snacks I put in my son’s lunchbox – Lara Bars (legal ones – read labels), small box raisins, fruit cups (in water), pears, bananas, homemade banana chips (awesome), grapes, fresh cutup fruit medley, homemade cookies, nut mixture (nuts/raisins/dried apricots/etc), carrots (usually in ziplock bag w/ legal dressing), homemade fruit leather, homemade beef jerky…
Lunches: I make homemade bread and freeze up to three batches at a time. I make homemade or legal hamburger patties (there are some 100% beef legal patties at Sam’s I buy) and grill in bulk and freeze. I send him burgers with cheese and lettuce and mustard. At the beginning of the diet for him I would cook whole legal turkeys and slice thin and freeze and use for sandwiches. I get legal jelly and mix with legal peanut butter and he makes his own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (if I make these ahead of time the bread is usually soggy). I put small water bottles in his lunch or small milk carton shaped oj’s. Please take time to look back on past blog posts on these subjects. I highly believe in cooking/grilling in large quantities and freezing for quick things to pull on when you don’t want to cook and for easy lunches! I have learned after cooking on the SCD diet for three years to overcook at dinner time to have lunch the next day. I will put extra pork chops from last night dinner/freezer cut up with homemade bbq already on it. (He is at a school with a microwave now, but before I purchased a thermal container and would send it warm.) Digestivewellness has crackers or make your own and send homemade lunchables or peanut butter and crackers.
PLEASE REMEMBER: Don’t freak out when there is small amounts of blood or a minor flare! You are doing GREAT and doing all you can do for your child! I used to freak out and panic also. Now I realize he must of had some stress or cold or ate something that caused this. Keep up the great work and go try a new recipe and keep your head up. Don’t forget the detailed food log! I would write down the blood and kind of look over the past week and next time when it happens you may or may not notice what might have caused it.
Hope this helps! AND hope other mom’s give you some great tips! I can’t wait to see what they say! I could use some new ideas too!!! Hope this finds you ALL doing great!!!


3 thoughts on “Lunches? Snacks?

  1. Congratulations that your family choose the SCD diet to help make your child strong and healthy.
    Lunch… Well my son will not do leftovers:( So I made the bread recipe in BTVC and would bake him 4 rolls each day and I would cut us Cabot pepper jack cheese and make him a grilled cheese sandwich in the oven. I have also cut chicken into finger size, I batter in oil,apple cider vinegar, a little honey, than I toss it into my dry mixture of almond flour or coconut flour, seasonings of cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and tameric. Shake and I used to put into the oven but, I have purchased The Big Boss this makes life easier:)
    I send him with legal Lara Bars, Target applesauce (no sugar) they have the squeeze bottles that my son likes. I make him a fruit smoothie with his yogurt, 3 banana, coconut oil, coconut water, honey, mixed frozen fruit. He will drink 1/2 with his breakfast and the other 1/2 I will put into his lunch. I purchased the lunch box that you store in the freezer and it will keep everything cold until he eats at 1.
    Matthew has now been on the diet for 2 years so I also allow him Cape Cod potato chips. (potato, oil, salt) That’s all.
    I have added the links because I remember starting off people would let you know what they purchase, but than I could not find it.
    Feel free to touch base with me with any further questions:)

  2. I am probably repeating what others have said but here are my 2 cents…. both of my kids (10 &12 yo) have been on the diet for almost 2 years. Our lunches are pretty much what has been discuss. we do deli meat such as applegate Oven Roasted Turkey, hillshire Honey ham, Applegates hot dogs or chicken salad (organic in water) and fruits.
    we do have our minor flare up but its usually after the kids have eaten something they were not suppose to.the diet works for us…hang in there.

    • what do you ladies do when your kids have your flare ups? What foods then? Rose woke up this morning in pain which is strange and for the past week she’s had some blood when wiping, but no pain, cramping, yuckiness? thoughts? help? I’m just getting her back into public school today. I’ve been homeschooling her until her symptoms normalized. Sigh…

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