Flare Ups on SCD – What do YOU do Mom’s???

Mom, Suzie, asks:

What do you ladies do when your kids have your flare ups? What foods then? Rose woke up this morning in pain which is strange and for the past week she’s had some blood when wiping, but no pain, cramping, yuckiness? thoughts? help? I’m just getting her back into public school today. I’ve been homeschooling her until her symptoms normalized. Sigh…

Please take a second mom’s to let us know what you do.

My thoughts:
Suzie, can you please comment on this blog and let us know a little more. How long has Rose been on the diet? How long has she been symptom free? I’m thinking that she is still new to the diet and not symptom free for too long? Please read old posts on the “dying off stage” and posts about the beginning of the diet. It took my son, if I remember correctly, approximately three months before he was totally symptom free and it still occassionally had the stomach crampsa nd bleeding. I kept a STRICT food journal and would try to figure out what was causing it. (One mom commented one time, even though bananas are legal when ripened and with spots, these would cause her college age daughter to have these symptoms.) I found during the first year to not let my son have cauliflower. Now he can have it fine after being on the diet almost 3 years.
I would make sure Justin had his yogurt in the morning and at night during the bleeding and stomach cramps. I tried to make sure to feed him simple foods that I was almost certain would not cause any problems. I do remember after my son was on the diet for over 6 months, anytime he had a flare up or bleeding it was because he had eaten something that was not legal.
I remember at the beginning of the diet “FREAKING” out EVERY time he had an ache or pain or blood! PLEASE relax!!! After being on the diet this long and looking back, I can only tell you to know that you are doing the best you can and that it WILL get easier!!! Each person is different and you will eventually figure out what works and doesn’t. A flare is not a big set back when you get further down the road and look back. Her body is still getting used to the diet. Please don’t let a flare up discourage you! It is worth it! AND one day you WILL wake up and be so comfortable with the diet and wonder how it was before you started!
Please keep in touch and keep any questions coming!!!


7 thoughts on “Flare Ups on SCD – What do YOU do Mom’s???

  1. I completely understand the chaotic thoughts that race through a mom’s mind when you think your child is having a flare. I also now know that that level of energy and anxiety is so damaging not only to mom but the kid, too. Kids will have ups and downs on the diet. My 14 year old is fairly compliant on the diet but once in a while he cheats. I would just make a nice chicken soup (include the bones; organic if possible), gelatin and a nice SCD dessert. It’s like the beginning of the diet but you don’t have to call it that. I just call it dinner. I just go back to basic for a day or two but I don’t call it that. When “normal” people feel under the weather, they do the same until they feel better. That’s how we all need to look at this. I think we all suffer from some form of post traumatic syndrome; as soon as our kid looks off or poops off, all the initial fear and anxiety come racing back. You’ll find, with time, that your child will grow and you will all get used to the ups and downs. And I know that little terrified feeling is buried under it all; we just need to nod to it and let it go.

    • I almost had my story written and it was so great… and then my computer did that annoying reboot update thing, bleh! …
      Rose and I are new to how scd works. She has had U C for the past three years. It’s been the worst since this summer.. We went and saw a movie and had popcorn. An hour or two later we thought she was dying …. the pain, the pain, the pain! I thought we had things figured out just before school started and then we had a babysitter and Rose went and ate almost an entire can of pineapple!! Since then I’ve learned that it takes soooo long for her insides to heal. Fiber is not a good thing for her at this point. 😦 I could use some soft and yummy food ideas. We are currently in phase 1 chicken soup, pureed cooked fruits and veggies, meat balls ect. Rose is definitely taking responsibility this time around, and she’s being such a trooper, but it’s soooo hard! Rose is tapering off prednisone and just changed from sulfasalazine to balsalazide. Will it probably be a year or so before she can be off meds? Be prepared for zillions of questions from my crazed learning curve. Thankyou sooo much and God bless all of you wonderful mommies out there!! You’re wonderful, and I appreciate all of your help immensely! πŸ™‚

      • Hello! Please let me know if you are receiving responses from me in the blog. I have commented a few times with questions and wasn’t sure if you got them.
        I have mixed white grape juice and grape juice with the gelatin. Look at the recipes in the blog for some dessert ideas. I will post and ask moms for dessert ideas but haven’t been getting good responses with recipes. The cookbooks we have talked about on here would be excellent to purchase for desserts and other recipes. I have some links on the top right column that have free recipes. You can also go to other blogs for free recipes, like the Against All Grain blog and the Digestive Wellness Blog.

  2. My son has been on the scd diet for 3 years and symptom free for 19mnths, I’m not sure if he is having a slight flare now but Im sure I noticed small drops of blood on the toilet and has not been feeling well this past week, he tells me everything is ok with his poops but today said he is constipated for the past couple of days, I definately notice him paying more visits to the bathroom.The fear and panic I feel reminds me of when he was very ill, and all medication made him much worse, Im so worried and dissapointed, has anyone else had relapses on the scd diet, appreciate anyone’s help. Thanks.

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