Thank You, Michelle!

Thank you for sharing the Cavewoman Coconut Cake recipe with us, Michelle. Another mom had commented that she tried it and it was great for her son’s birthday! I tried the recipe today for my son’s 13th birthday tomorrow and can’t wait for him to try it! Below is the link or you can go to the “Recipes” category here on the blog and find it. The recipe made 8 large cupcakes. I made half of the recipe for the icing and it was plenty to ice the 8 cupcakes. The icing was tart from the yogurt but I added a couple of dashes of sea salt to the icing and it took the tartness away.
The cake recipe and icing recipe wa actually very easy to make! I was surprised how easy the cream cheese was to make. I make my homemade yogurt in the small glass containers and it took 3 of those to make 8 ounces of cream cheese needed for half of the icing recipe.
Let us know how you like it!!! Thanks again, Michelle! Keep sending your favorite recipes Moms!



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