“Crohns Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Justin”

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Please visit the SCD Lifestyle website – http://scdlifestyle.com/ – to see a story written about my son, Justin, and his SCD Diet journey. Justin is 13 today! He will have been on the diet 3 years in February!

When I first started this blog years ago, there was just a handful of us mom’s looking for help and guidance! We each shared our stories here on the blog. It was a nice place to express our feelings, concerns and to vent our frustrations. It helps us all to hear that we are not alone and that there are others out there going through the same emotions and struggles each day. Our blog has grown and there are alot of new Moms and Dads! Please take the time to email me your story, and a picture if you like, to scddiet4kids@gmail.com. I will post it here on the blog to share. You never know how much you and your child’s story could help someone else.

Each of you have helped me and my family’s SCD journey more than you will every know. Having this blog has helped me to stay strong and focused. I have also made great friends here. Please do not hesitate if you ever want to talk. Email me at scddiet4kids@gmail.com with your phone number and I will call you. And if you ever have an idea for a post or would like a question posted for other Moms and Dads, email me.

Happy Holidays!



5 thoughts on ““Crohns Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against Justin”

  1. Paige, nice to see the picture of Health “Justin”. I feel like I know him really well and it was so nice to see a picture of him. Yes, Matthew started right after Justin in March and I was just talking to my husband about how it seemed like we were almost alone when he started the diet. It’s amazing how many blogs and websites have come up to help. I feel as a parent of a SCD following it would be helpful to set up some links for prepared foods and SCD friendly restaurants. We also were offer the study through Dr. Cohen’s office and have been very happy.

  2. Paige, you’ve been such a blessing to me and my family on this SCD journey and as a friend. I thank God that He gave you the vision to start this blog and that you followed through. Many blessings to you and your family this Christmas and always!!
    Peace and love!

  3. This is so amazing! Paige – you already know how I feel about you and Justin! You helped make my job easier in so many ways! I am so blessed and thankful to know you! I am so happy that Justin continues to do well! Hugs to you all!! Happy Holidays 🙂

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