“A Teenager’s Perspective On Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide To Keep From Going Crazy”

I had 17 year old Erica contact me this past week and share with me her book she wrote – “A Teenager’s Perspective On Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide To Keep From Going Crazy”. It is a very short book. I believe on my phone it was 11-17 pages. I has taken me about 45 minutes to read. I was crying around page 2 or 3 to hear another child explain what I see my child going through. I HIGHLY recommend mothers who are doing the SCD Diet for their children to go to Amazon and get this book for themselves if not for your children. If your child is not ready to read this yet, then put it up and save it for them, because there will be a time when they will need it. I am going to have it ready for Justin to read during his Christmas break. I will also get a poster ready for him and some paper ready for him to make some notes (you will understand when you read the book).

You can purchase the book for around $5 on amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Teenagers-Perspective-Food-Restrictions-Practical-ebook/dp/B00EI291GU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387150366&sr=8-1&keywords=erica+brahan. Please share with us your thoughts after you read it. I don’t have much time to sit and read these days, but after I started reading I could not stop and it did not take me long. And I think it is a GREAT read for the kids!

You can also follow Erica’s blog at http://edibleattitudes.com/ or on Facebook. Be sure to read Erica’s story! She wrote her book and started her blog to share with other teenagers or parents with teens to help give advice on things like how to go to school, do social activities, and explain food restrictions. Her blog and Facebook is a place for teenagers to go to relate to someone going through the same thing they are.

We have had a few mom’s here that have commented and saught advice on what to do with the child cheating on the SCD. I definately think this will be something great for them! And if you do not have that child yet, it will be a GREAT read and resource to plan ahead and prepare, because that stage will happen! The book helps me see from Justin’s perspective, as well as, I’m hoping it will help just understand he’s not alone.

The book is written for your child by a teenager that has experienced exactly what they are going through. It explains to them why it’s so hard for them to follow this strict eating. It relates to how hard school and social activities can be and some explanations you can give to cover yourself and not have to explain. How to help yourself by having your friends on your side. Erica talks in her book about temptation and how you can’t be perfect all the time, but the most important thing to put first is your health and to not give up.

I thank Erica for sharing this with me and I hope you will read this and it will be a great find for you and your child as well! Merry Christmas!!!

(Please note I have added a quick link to the top right of the blog for easy access for you and your child to visit Erica’s blog at Edible Attitudes!)


3 thoughts on ““A Teenager’s Perspective On Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide To Keep From Going Crazy”

    This is exactly what I have been looking fo . I just boughted. Can’t wait to give it to my daughter to read.
    thanks again, Gisele

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