NOT SCD Legal per Comfy Belly

Wendy saw on Facebook that Comfy Belly posted that there were some ingredients that were NOT SCD legal, even though some thought they were legal. We wanted to share these with you. Thanks, Wendy!

Maple Syrup
Chia Seed
Coconut Sugar
Coconut Aminos
Coconut Nectar

My thoughts:
My son has been on the diet for 3 years this February. We have added some foods back into his diet carefully. Some foods we have tried to add back into his diet have caused him flare ups and could not be added back. I have started adding some Paleo diet foods into his diet. Justin has been using maple syrup on his pancakes, sausage and in various recipes for a few months now. I also use the coconut aminos and coconut sugar to cook with. I would NOT recommend using these ingredients within at least the first year on the diet.


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