Honey Bar – Walmart


I find myself going through the grocery store time to time reading labels and looking for new SCD legal items. I found a good one yesterday at my local Walmart! Mariano Honey Bars. I bought the Cranberry variety. Ingredients are peanuts, honey, cranberries, raisins, dried apricots, and almonds. I believe there was one other variety that was SCD legal, but all varieties were not SCD legal. So please read your labels.
Justin and I just tried one. I thought it tasted good. Justin LOVED them. Thy would be a great end of school snack or a great snack before his basketball practices and games!


5 thoughts on “Honey Bar – Walmart

  1. Matthew loves these. What sandwich meat do you purchase for Justin? I messed up and purchased the applegate but did not pay close enough attention that it had carrageenan in it. The only one I have found is the Roast Beef that would be legal. It can be found in Conyers. I thought I saw that you had purchased Justin a lunch meat from the Deli?

  2. Thanks for the tip! I am always looking for easy snack items. Do you have any more info about the dried fruit ingredients? I am careful about food that lists dried fruit ingredients because they often add sugar during the drying process. I’ve found that contacting the company is the best way to verify if a product is legal.

    • No I don’t have any specifics. Sorry. My son has been on the diet for 3 years next month and I have started letting him have small traces such as less than 2% illegal ingredients.

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