The Woodward Family Journey

Everyone is welcome to share their SCD story! Thank you to the Woodward family not only for sharing their story, but also for all of their hardwork with the Woodward Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation!
Our family’s journey with Crohns and Colitis has been a long one. Our son Jack (10) was diagnosed with Crohns in October 2011 after years of symptom and initially thought to be Colitis in 2009.
Our daughter Kristina (12) was diagnosed with UC in February 2012. The news of having two children with IBD was devastating. I couldn’t believe Kristina had UC as her symptoms were very atypical. She only had joint pains, normal labs and ocasional belly pain. Dr had even told me “I usually don’t find anything when we scope after having normal labs” but with the family backgroung lets make sure. What made the diagnosed even harder was that my husband has Crohn’s too since 1989. I have seen his up and downs through the years. All the meds, all the surgeries, all the struggles were foreshadowing in my head. I had no idea how I was going to manage it all. I was completely overwhelmed when Dr Gold at GI care 4 kids gave me the news. I just sobbed.
It took me a week before I could even tell my daughter about the result because I couldn’t talk about it without crying. However, at the time of diagnosis, Dr Gold told me if I would consider SCD diet. We talked about it and at that moment I think I knew this was the path we would take. I felt that we had no choice and we had nothing to loose.
A few weeks later we came back, to talk about the biopsy results and treatment plan. I have had a family talked prior to the appointment with the entire family. We agree to go on the diet, including myself. We would do it all together.
It has been almost 2 years, Feb 4, 2012, since we started. Kristina is in remission and never went on medications and gained 23 lbs in the last 1 year and 11 months. Jack is also in remission although he is onPentasa. We tried to take him off and he had a major flare. Jack had gain 21 lbs after a whole year prior to the SCD diet of no weight gain and no growth.
Prior to our kids diagnosis, we had done a number of fundraising events for CCFA. Now that we have 3 with IBD we felt that we wanted to have more control were our fundraising effort would go. So in October 2012, we got non-profit status for our own Woodward Crohns and Colitis Foundation. Our goal is to fund non-pharmaseutical research. Our first goal is to help GI Care for Kids and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta raise the necesary funds to take the pilot research to a full clinic trial research. To date we have raised over $70k.

After covering expenses of any initiative, a 100% of the fund are been reserved for this SCD research.

It has been an challenging but rewarding journey so far for the entired family!

Gisele Woodward
Woodward Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
~ Together for a cure!


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