Looking for help from your child

Did you get to read my post on December 16, 2013 titled “A Teenager’s Perspective On Food Restrictions: A Practical Guide To Keep From Going Crazy”? Senior Erica wrote a short pdf book about her perspective on her food restrictions. I read the book with my son and he liked the relations to what he goes through day to day. Please find the blog if you have not read it and purchase the pdf and read it with your child!

Erica is looking to write a second edition to her book. She is wanting to include stories from other kids and teens with food restrictions.
Erica is not looking for just success stories. Your child can share with us:
how they relate to having their food restrictions,
how it has effected them socially,
a lesson they want to share,
experience with food restictions and going to school or dating,
or the difficulties of food restrictions.

Erica is looking for 4 to 10 personal stories to include in her next book. She is asking that your child write a paragraph to two pages. “IF” your child/teen’s story is chosen to be published in her next book you will receive a free copy of the book when it is ready. If your child would like to share with us and possibly have it printed in Erica’s book, please email it to me at scddiet4kids@gmail.com. Do not forget to include at the end of the email that you are giving your permission for your child/teen’s story to be published in Erica’s new book and posted here on my blog. I will post all stories shared here on my blog. You can include a picture if you would like (please include permission to post picture if picture is included).

I need all stories by Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2014. Thanks! Look forward to reading them!


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