Feeling bored with your food options?

I have started following an SCD Facebook page and a new SCD follower was commenting that she felt like she was eating the same thing all the time and didn’t feel like she had many options. I remember this feeling when my son first started the SCD Diet three years ago. I know I have done blogs on this in the past. You can look back through and read some of the posts on this topic. But I thought for an update and for new followers I would post this topic again. We can all admit this is a learning process and I know we have all learned something new since the last time we discussed this. My best advice to new SCD followers is to be faithful, patient, and stick to it, because it DOES get easier!

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS AND ADVICE ON THIS TOPIC! With this blog I want to help others who are looking for help and support, but I also want to learn more! By helping others, I want this to be a place you can share with me and followers what you have learned and know as well! So PLEASE leave feedback and comments!

My thoughts:
One of the biggest helps I believe I started doing very early in the diet for my son was cooking in bulk and freezing. If we were grilling I would make sure I had a huge package of chicken pieces (legs, thighs, etc.), pork chops, or hamburger patties and we could grill them and freeze them. This was such a BIG help being able to quickly take out things for lunches or quick diners. I cook bread for sandwiches/hamburgers by tripling my recipe and freezing them. I double/triple the recipe for muffins/egg-bacon cups/waffles and freeze them for quick choices. I have a huge variety of all choices of frozen fruits in the freezer for a variety of toppoings for yogurts and smoothies. When I order from Digestive Wellness I order a variety of the fruit strips and cookies. I keep the cookies in the freezer to pull out for when he needs a snack and I don’t have anything cooked. When I cook cookies/desserts I freeze half of the it. He gets tired of the cookies/deserts by the time he eats half of them anyway. This way I can pull them out later and he has something or take a couple out at a time. Yes! My freezer stays full! But this helps to keep me sane as well! It’s hard not being able to have fast food for him and having to cook all the time. This I believe is a lifesaver!
I try to keep fresh veggies and use those, but they can go bad quickly depending on where I buy them from. Publix has a variety of steamer bags of peas, carrots, broccoli, etc. that I keep some in the freezer.
Over time I have learned to cook food for the whole family and incorporate something in it for my child on SCD. I believe as with any diet, it’s important to keep plenty of snacks at hand. Please look through the past posts on snacks. And everyone be sure to share any new snack finds you come across.
I also think it has helped to invest in a variety of SCD cookbooks or find some great online websites for free recipes. I don’t know what I would have done without my cookbooks. And make sure you find cookbooks like I have that have “easy” recipes. Recipes that are simple, quick, and have ingredients that you will have on hand on a regular basis for easy cooking.

I hoped this has helped and that others will share some great advice as well!


4 thoughts on “Feeling bored with your food options?

  1. Paige, you are SO right! It can seem redundant at first. But the way I try to add variety is by thinking of how to prepare in SCD legal terms so of my son’a favorite foods. Not always successful, but I would have to say I’ve had a whole lot more successes with this process than failures. Most of all, like Paige said – just hang in there and stick with it. Blogs like hers are also a great way to get ideas, recipes and support. Healthy eating!! And as always, thanks Paige!

  2. We just started the diet three days ago. My son has UC and 2 weeks ago reached a peak in a flare that started brewing a couple of months ago. He is on prednisone now as well as Lialda and Canasa. Anyway, 2 weeks ago we went on a strict diet of yogurt, rice, chicken, applesauce and bananas. He was seeming to do well in coming out of the flare. Then three days ago we started the SCD. The first day on it, he needed to use the bathroom more often, and a little bit of blood starting showing up again. By the end of the second day, and this morning he was having more frequent bowel movements and quite a bit more blood. He is almost 6 foot tall, and has lost so much weight that he is down to 125 pounds. I am afraid to keep moving forward on the diet for fear he will continue to get worse and loose even more weight. Has anyone else had this experience or anything similar?

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