Difficulties starting the diet – Mom ?

Mom Becky’s son is having difficulties starting the SCD Diet.  Please see below what she wrote and respond with your comments and advice.  Thanks!

Mom Becky wrote:

We just started the diet three days ago.   My son has UC and 2 weeks ago reached a peak in a flare that started brewing a couple of months ago.  He is on prednisone now as well as Lialda and Canasa.  Anyway, 2 weeks ago we went on a strict diet of yogurt, rice, chicken, applesauce and bananas.  He was seeming to do well in coming out of the flare.  Then three days ago we started the SCD.  The first day on it, he needed to use the bathroom more often, and a little bit of blood starting showing up again.  By the end of the second day, and this morning he was having more frequent bowel movements and quite a bit more blood.     He is almost 6 foot tall, and has lost so much weight that he is down to 125 pounds.  I am afraid to keep moving forward on the diet for fear he will continue to get worse and loose even more weight.   Has anyone else had this experience or anything similar?
My thoughts:

I have reposted numerous past posts on this topic and hope that these will help!  If you are just starting the diet please go to the “Getting Started” section and “Mom Questions” and read past posts.  I believe these will help you alot.

From being on the SCD Diet and learning from various resources, my first thoughts are about the rice diet he was on.  One of the worst things I have learned are grains.  I learned this after investigating about rice around the one year mark for my son.  He had been on the SCD Diet for one year and we decided to try a few things and see if he could add them back.  Rice was the first thing we tried.  He had sores on his behind and hurt so bad he missed school for a week because he could not sit down.  He laid around all week on his stomach because his behind hurt so bad.  Another quick advice ALOT of children have had is with bananas at the start of the diet.  Please make sure they are VERY ripe!  And some cannot tolerate them at all at the beginning of the diet.

Please be sure to read over the three reposts I did today.  I know it sounds scary with the “dying off” stage and everyone’s “dying off” stage length of time will be different.  My son’s lasted about 3 months. But he was not that sick.  It did get very scary with all of the blood and him having gotten worse at first, but it was worth it!  My son has been on the diet 3 years next month and he is symptom free AND medication free as long as he is strict on the diet!!!

You mentioned your concern about his weight.  I will go back and look for a post on this topic as well from a question from a mom and repost it.  I spoke with Lucy from Lucy’s Kitchen about this topic.  Lucy actually knew Elaine who wrote the “Breaking The Viscious Cycle” book.  Lucy told me to tell moms NOT to worry so much about your child’s weight!  You should be concentrating on their health and how they feel.  The weight will come.  My son was skinny and had lost some weight, but was nothing compared to many I have talked to.  A few moms I know of here from the blog will confess to this advice.  Concentrate on sticking to the diet “strictly” and BE PATIENT.  Your child, on his own time, will start feeling better and getting better.  You can start looking at posts and websites then looking how to add calories and protein to their diet. and adding weight then.  Your goal here is to get them healthier and feeling better.  My son has gained 15 pounds this year!

Please let me know if you have any further questions!  I hope other moms respond and leave their advice.  And you can always email me your number to scddiet4kids@gmail.com if you would like to talk.  GOOD LUCK!  It DOES get easier!!!


2 thoughts on “Difficulties starting the diet – Mom ?

  1. Thank you so much for your response! It is so comforting and helpful to read what other Mom’s, who have children with this illness, have to say on the subject.

  2. I also know that it is hard at first. Both of my kids have IBD as we my husband. One of my kids have the “dying off” period for about a week and he felt like he had the flu…. Everything hurt. My husband had it for about 2-3wks. He had loose bowels, and body aches.
    We have been on the diet for 2 yrs now and doing well as long as we follow it strictly. Be patient…. The hardest time is the 1st month. It gets easier… Stick w the yogurt, chicken, cook veggies and try fruits slowly…. It seems like a daunting task but believe me it will get easier! Set some goals or time frame or at least 1 month. I would recommend 3 months. You will see change by then. 🙂
    Please ask questions and take care.

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